We Have a Plan


Here we go with another year 😊, 2019 went by so fast; it was kind of unbelievable. As I look back at the year and all the beautiful people I met, there are wonderful stories. There is one is particular I’d like to share. If we talk about the cause I think we can relate to someone else’s story. Many someone elses’, maybe. My client comes for a reading every 2-3 months at a time. She would come to Livonia, Troy, or Novi. She was trying to get out of an unfulfilling relationship and she didn’t know how. She would come back periodically and I would do a reading for her on what she needed to do… some of the time she would sit and think about it, want to do it, but didn’t have the willpower to make the changes. She came back to see me a month later. I’d say, did you move? I was all excited she said no! My excitement disappeared because I knew she wasn’t happy living there. Sometimes we can’t get out! It may be difficult financially, one doesn’t want to hurt another’s feelings, family gets involved, but when a relationship is over, it’s over. Because generally the other person is never nice; I could almost live with anybody if they were nice! That’s one of the things that bothers me with relationships, why can’t you just be nice! If you don’t want to be there, make changes, but you don’t have to be mean.

As we talked and she started to get her confidence back, I told her she needed a plan. She stuck to it this time and “Voila”! The magic happens. She bought a beautiful condo, furniture, she got to decorate it, her children helped her and she became this absolutely different person. Her energy changed, her stature changed, her face looks like she’s 10 years younger. I was so happy for her. The fact that she made the decision and she followed through with her plan. I told her how proud of her I was. I know it wasn’t easy.

That’s what we do here at Michigan Psychic Fair, we are here to help, listen and understand.

As always Love and Light Pauline*


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