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What Can I Do?


The news is a prayer request and a call to action. Please don’t turn a blind eye to it, but also don’t dive in.

How do you not get pulled into the negativity in life and the media?

It starts with your everyday choice. Make a choice each day to love yourself and others. This choice pulls you up and out of reactionary living.

I began to make this choice every day, 23 years ago. Today, I am a fierce Love. I don’t wait for conditions to change or people to adjust themselves before I choose Love.

I look directly at and accept the racism, agricultural, environmental destruction, the one billion animals killed this week, our rape culture, and the 17,000 dying of starvation every day.

I don’t dismiss the suffering as “their Karma” or deny that it is even happening. I aggressively STAND in, and as Hope, Love, and an inner cultivated JOY that is untouchable by the world.

I am responsible for being Love in action NOT a “Will you please approve of me?” nice girl, fluffy cloud, “Santa Claus God” kind of love. A Love that will courageously name the darkness but believes MORE in the light!!!

We all have the capacity to be healers, love warriors, and change-makers.

Your birth was not an accident. It was organized by the most high.

It does not matter how long you have been numbed out or shut down.

The light within you and the good around you is always there. Always.

If you decide not to turn away from seeing suffering, it’s important to maintain your joy. In fact, it is imperative! Look directly at the suffering within yourself, and in the world, YET maintain a one-pointed focus on possibilities. Through meditation and intentional focus, cultivate a courageous availability to the ever-present good. (It’s always there if you choose to look for it!)

Your inner work matters. Your daily choice to love all parts of yourself enables you to hold a love that is independent of circumstance. Your daily expressions of kindness and compassion change the collective energy. They really do.

You’re NOT to blame for misogyny, ecological suffering, racism, etc… But you CAN take responsibility and BE and DO everything you can to help! If you ask to be used fully by Love, you will be guided.

What can you do?
● Pray for people and animals
● Volunteer locally
● Start that group
● Write that book
● Forgive yourself and others actively
● Meditate.
● Invest your money in conscious local businesses
● Be a protector, ally, and voice for those that have not yet found their own…

Care more about connection than proving your point.

DO NOT believe the HATE-O-SPHERE of Social Media.

Choose heart connection instead of hiding behind intellectual argument.

“No human relation gives one possession in another. Every two souls are absolutely different. In friendship, or love, the two side-by-side, raise hands together, to find what one cannot reach alone” ~Khalil Girbran

Your Soul (True Self) is bigger than hate or any problem. When two join heart to heart, miracles are possible!!!

“What you focus on will be your reality.” ~Qui-Gon in “The Phantom Menace.”

How do you make joy, love, and prosperity your reality?

Look for synchronicity and Grace. It’s there. What you look for, you will find.

“Believe it to see it, baby! NOT see it, to believe it.” Michael Bernard Beckwith

The two ladies I’ve made friends within Alpha (like Cross Fit) just happened to be starting their studies in energy healing and Shamanism.

A friend at a dance gathering “just happened” to have a dream about the power animal I’ve been working with. My sister Linnea got me a stuffed toy Bear 24 hours after I discussed with a colleague the documented calming effects on an adult’s nervous system when snuggling a stuffed animal.
Everything is connected.

LOOK for the good today. Tell the b.s. stories of self-limitation in your mind to F. Off!

Your mantra/affirmation can be: “ohmmmm F. OFF…ohmmmmmm F. Off.” Seriously. It works! LOL

Acceptance is the first crucial, crucial step. Then choose what you focus on.

Don’t believe the fear.

Don’t believe the painful thoughts about yourself.

Your True Self cannot be touched by this world

You are NOT the protective personality created to survive.

LOOK for that True Self next time you look in the mirror.

LOOK for the good in your life.

Your acts of kindness and love do make a difference. Your inner work (self-love) matters. Your contribution to the collective energy field matters greatly. Be willing to grow, unfold, and express your True Self.

You will be guided to that book, person, or step to call you… and the world…
into greater Love. I would love to support you in a healing session, mentoring, or training! Call me, and let’s change the world together!


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