What if Gd was one of us?


By Miche Lame

That is a question I often think of and think I know the answer to. The answer is yes! We are created not only in the image of God Source but also as a part of God ourselves. Just like our children are versions of ourselves, we are versions of God.

So, the question would be – how can we know ourselves as Godlings? How do we let go of the human attributes and actions, the perspective of being human with a limited life?

We start by realizing that, just like God, we are eternal. Just think about it. Our bodies are like cars; when they are no longer running, we get out of them and move on. It is our spirit that moves on. Possibly to another vehicle, possibly, hopefully, to a higher vibration where we no longer need the experiences of the physical to grow. When our vibration is high enough, I think we just ascend and go on into the quantum field or God energy.

Life is a school that God has sent us to. Our purpose in this school is to become as godly as we can as a human. To see that we are all connected, we all have the spark, the Christ energy of God in us to feed and expand. It becomes stronger as we focus on the loving energy and learn to live from that energy and think, speak and act from that heartfelt place. To be our authentic selves, Love, and raise our vibration to become closer and closer so we can ascend to God.

So how do we raise our vibration? By being like God, doing our best to bring that vibration or the Christ vibration and light into our lives.

There are many ways to accomplish this. Meditation is a tried and true method of raising one’s vibration. Being mindful is another. When we are vigilant to have the energy of love, we feed that energy, and it expands. It raises the vibration of our thoughts, speech, and action.

What if we see others as children of God? Seeing others this way allows us to see the hurt they have endured and treat them more kindly, feel more loving and accepting, and we can see through the mud that has covered, tried to smother, their divine flame, their divine spirit. We also have the power to be the light, lighting their way to find their own inner flame, and thereby do service as their higher vibration helps raise the world’s vibration.

We must learn in this school to see others as divine and raise our vibration. Do we really understand the gift and task we have been given – to become our best selves and more like God? We feel differently when our vibration is high; that’s why people love to be in love. Yet, there is a holy sort of love that has nothing to do with physicality; the divine love loves and accepts all, knowing all is temporary except this divine love of all.

Once we start feeling our vibration shifting higher, it feels distorted when we think or act from a lower vibration. Perhaps you remember the awkward feeling of telling a lie or having judgment or anger against someone. It just didn’t feel right – until you had done it several times and lowered your vibration to do so. It became your new vibration, your new comfort zone. Fear, which produces negative emotions and thoughts, is a lower vibration, and fear is not of Source, which is of love. The vibrations can not be in the same place without distortion.

In this school, we get to experiment and have the free will to have the consequences of our actions. Do you like the results you have? If not, in this school, you can always put in the work to change that. Meditate, identify the negative thoughts that disempower you, and lower your vibration, do service – even just being the light is service as it changes the vibration around you! See and experience how you can be your best self and see yourself and others as divine!

The part of us that is eternal and pure never goes away, even when we try to hide from it. It’s always there, our divine right, our divine gift. Let’s start seeing ourselves and others as that Light! We are all divine, straight from Source!

Love and Light,

Miche Lame’, M.A.L.L.P


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