What is Ascension?


What is Ascension?

Ascension is the evolutionary process we are undergoing as individuals and on the planet overall which is raising our vibration to a higher level, so that our bodies and auras can hold a truer and clearer level of consciousness. For a very long time, our experience while incarnated has contained a strong sense that God is not here. We have felt separate and limited and life has held many experiences of pain and suffering. It has been a kind of soul work out, allowing us to build the muscles of soul and body/aura. designed to bring us to the point where we can allow our true/higher consciousness, which is one with The Creator, to manifest in our bodies and world.

The ascension process has two distinct elements. First is the dismantling or unblocking of the beliefs and energies which created the experience of feeling separate from God. Second is the rebuilding and upgrading of our body and aura, which is allowing us to be not only more aware of our truth and more psychic, telepathic and empowered, but to allow our higher God consciousness to live within our bodies and souls. These changes will allow us to create the type of world we always knew was possible here on earth if we could just get out of our own way and let it happen.

This is a type of group and planetary self-actualization and we are doing it right now in this lifetime on our planet! The earth changes and other challenges we are experiencing are symptoms of this complex rebirth. These changes have been planned and foreseen since the beginning of time. During the transition somewhat less than half of the people on Earth still have a need to continue with the old beliefs and systems for a while. Each person will awaken at the right time for them. You can’t rush it.

As you experience these changes in your life, it will help to understand what is happening so you can be peaceful with it. This amazing transition is a combined death and rebirth, so it is both wonderful and challenging. What you are experiencing at any given moment is influenced by whether you are enjoying the birth of the new or resisting the death of the old. It helps to surrender to the change and enjoy the ride. One of my favorite metaphors for this change is to think of my life as a river. The river is fast flowing right now and there are a number of rocks in the river, so it can sometimes feel like traversing rapids. If I become frightened of the speed, I may try to hold onto one of the rocks, but like when traversing a rapids in a river, if I hold onto the rocks (which might symbolize the hard things in life and the old way of being), I will be damaged by them. The water is more powerful and if I surrender to its flow, the water will carry me safely through the deep channel back into smoother water again. So, I have a little prayer I use, which reminds me that the river, the rocks and my life all are a part of God. I give the hard stuff to God and surrender into the flow of my life, trusting that God within me and God within all of life knows how to get me through this transition safely and joyfully. I surrender and enjoy the ride.

During this transition you are clearing the past out of your body, aura, mind and soul. Old programming from your childhood, heredity and past lives, and old beliefs which have run your life up until now will be removed from you. You may experience physical detoxing and a common symptom is pain in joints and muscles or tendons, emotional upheavals, a general anxiety, relationship changes, job or career changes or financial changes, to name a few. Wherever you see issues arising or things being taken away, you are undergoing a part of the death process. You will need to look within you for wisdom, peace and the presence of God that can guide you through these changes. As in the prayer in the previous paragraph, don’t fight the changes, but relax into the deeper channel of your inner truth. There you will find an unexpectedly deep reserve of peace and wisdom. You will also find old attitudes and emotions, thoughts and pains which you will feel guided to release to God so that you can flow with the deeper truth and confidence of life within you. As you release them, God can ascend those energies to a higher frequency so that they will be used for building a new body/soul which will be more alive, joyful, whole and healthy than ever before.

Many people are coming into new places and circumstances in their lives and while these may initially just be transitional places, they have taken you out of your old comfort zone so you can realize your deeper truth and a very personal presence of God within your life.

The birth of the new will come through this inner presence of God (your own true God Self as well as God in the bigger cosmic sense). As you discover that presence within yourself, you will come into an easier clarity about the next steps in your life. That clarity has to emerge from within you. No one can tell you what it should be, it is the discovery of your true divine self within and it is your guide. Moment by moment you will flow more fully into a self-actualized state where you will know what you need to do for that moment and the next and the next, each one in turn. Life’s purpose isn’t just one big thing for most people, it is the flow of the river taking you through a landscape full of opportunities to realize how you are unique and important, and so is everyone else. Life is an adventure, but one where you can rest assured that there is a higher purpose in every moment. As you ascend to a greater connection with God, you will be a part of that purpose in everything that you do.

In the mean time, where you experience fear or stress about your life, surrender the stones in your river to God and flow with the deeper impulse of life within each moment. Sometimes stress and pain come from the belief that you should hold onto an element of your life which needs to pass away for you. Be open to the possibility that letting go may be OK. Flow with life and go deeper into your core to find God within.

When I use the word God, please translate that in whatever way feels true to you. I have no box on it myself. God is who we always have been and will always be in every element of life. In this context God is that higher consciousness within all things.


Eve Wilson, Director/creator of The Healer Development Program, a full time UCM Healer Practitioner and trainer of healers since 1986, works with a person’s aura and higher consciousness to assist their evolution and heal the cause of issues. She works actively with planetary healing and ascension. www.spiritualhealers.com, evew@spiritualhealers.com, 734 780-7635.


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