Why Do I Feel Anxious Lately?


By Eve Wilson

People are more inclined to feel anxiety since the COVID pandemic. There is a good reason for this which has to do with the transformation we are undergoing called ascension. COVID is an ascension virus, helping people to raise our vibration into unity with our Higher Selves. It has helped us release genetic blocks to that unity, letting us ascend to our greater potential.

Since pandemic restrictions lifted, many people have been surprised to feel anxious about work and social interactions; wanting to isolate more than expected. That isn’t because they are psychologically malfunctioning! We have changed in good and essential ways and can’t return to who we were before. We need to understand who we are now and learn to respond to life in new ways.

Who we were before was built on the old world platform of separation between human consciousness and spiritual reality. That separation was a temporary phase of evolution designed to create individual beings out of the great, spiritual Oneness of Everything. All the challenges of life up until now have been helping us to evolve our individual selves until they are strong enough to carry our own unique Higher Self within the created world. In our current phase of evolution, we are leaving that “old world workout gym” to ascend back into spiritual unity. We are reclaiming that beautiful spiritual reality we were born from, but now we return as many sovereign individuals. This is the journey of ascension into the new world. The COVID virus was a significant tool to free us from the lower energies of separation so we can raise our vibration into unity and wholeness.

Why people feel anxious is because they are re-entering life as new individuals. Mentally, they expect to be who they were in the past. 

But our vibrations are higher, and we have learned to trust ourselves in new ways. By stepping out of our old way of being for two years, we have strengthened our relationships with ourselves and weakened the importance of other people’s influences in our lives. Where in the past, our social and professional or educational experiences may have strongly defined us, by having to stay home, we began to experience a more intuitively and spiritually directed reality. The virus transformed us genetically, and the social isolation allowed us to form the deeper relationship with ourselves that we needed.

Upon entering the outer world again, we need to hold onto this deeper relationship with ourselves. 

It is part of the new world experience to each live guided by unity with Higher Self instead of being pulled in every direction by outside influences. Upon encountering outer influences, anxiety may be felt if we let our vibrations drop lower again. That happens when we respond in habitual ways, not empowered and true to ourselves. The anxious feeling may be telling us to hold onto ourselves, to stay centered, to enjoy the moment and the relationships but not give our power away or lose ourselves as in the past. This new reality requires us to discover how to be true to ourselves and be part of the world too. It will take practice to learn who we are and how we interface with others now that we are ascending.

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