Unleash Your Quantum Healing Power with Fruit


By Ellen Livingston

It amazes me that fruit has been humbled to the status of a snack, a side dish, a drink, a small dessert, or a colorful garnish…..when in reality, fruit is the one food on this planet most suited for humans. It truly reigns supreme – fruit is our divine super-food! And it serves us best when celebrated as the main dish…our primary natural source of fuel and nutrition. When I decoded this for myself 20 years ago, my life was forever changed. I love it when the truth is beautifully simple. 

My love story with fruit has evolved, as all love stories do. I have enjoyed fruit all my life, but now I understand the depth of our symbiotic relationship. Now I see mother nature’s true intentions. And the more I live in the flow of nature’s laws, the better my life feels. I am an idealist, and I like to imagine how fruit could save the whole world! If that sounds radical to you…give me a moment to explain.

Fruit trees, bushes, and vines provide animal and insect habitat, shade, soil enhancement, and clean air to breathe, in addition to an abundance of highly nutritious food for many different beings. Fruit comes in thousands of delicious varieties and provides more vitamins for humans than any other natural food and lots of minerals too. Fruit can even supply our fat and protein needs. It hydrates us with naturally structured water, contains plenty of gentle soluble fiber to absorb our internal toxins, safely sweeps our intestines clean every day, and requires less energy to digest than any other food. Fruit oxygenates our cells and alkalizes our bodies. 

Fruit outperforms every other food in helping us create a clean and balanced inner terrain resistant to all diseases. The natural sugars in fruit deliver our needed carbohydrate fuel in the most efficient and nutritious form. An acre of perennial fruit forest supplies vastly more usable food (at a fraction of the cost and energy input) than an acre of grain, an acre of greens and vegetables, or an acre of livestock. Fruit doesn’t require cooking fuel to deliver its abundant nutrients. Can you begin to imagine with me how fruit could save the world?

World peace begins with inner peace. A fruit-based diet and the more natural lifestyle this way of eating has drawn me into is a powerful catalyst for me on my journey toward Self-actualization and inner peace. An endless cycle of vaccinations and medications is not the way to an empowered, healthy community of humans living in peace on this beautiful planet Earth. We all know there is a better solution. Though it is a simpler way, each of us must muster the willingness to take personal responsibility and rise above the information chaos and disempowered group-think of the current collective. In time, the rewards that come with knowing our sovereignty, simultaneously with our beautiful, natural symbiotic connections, are well worth the struggles of the learning curve.

Fruit is nature’s most precious gift, given to us freely to sweeten our lives. 

Ellen Livingston now offers customized wellness retreats in SW Florida’s home by the sea. Immerse yourself in her natural lifestyle teachings, and unleash your quantum healing powers.   EllenLivingston.com


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