Creation Questions for April


By Christine Fodor

What action can you be, do or choose today to create a greater future for you, your life and the future of the world? What if taking action for you, for your benefit, could change the world for the better? What would you like to contribute to the world if there were no limits? What kindness can you be to yourself, to others, for a cause, or for those who could benefit from your contribution for a better life, a better world? What would our world be like if we all did this? What could be created or change in the years to come if we choose action today? It’s your life, you’re living it. It’s our world, we live in it. What would you really like it to be? How many of us can choose action for a greater future? What action will you choose and do today?

I just watched ‘Actions For Futures’, an Access Consciousness initiative. (—an-introduction_6/) The invitation I received said: “Are you interested in what kind of world we could create five years from now, 50 years — or even 500 years from now?” Wow. I’ve asked for future outcomes of my choices to see what they will create but I haven’t asked what will it create in 500 years or more? Do you sense that energy, what your choices and actions create for the future of the planet? And what if we all contributed to that in a positive way, even just a simple act of kindness? What would the world be like then? It inspired me! As we create more for ourselves, we can create more for the world!

Start with you! What action can you choose today for you and your life? For me, my choice, my action was to adopt a rescue cat. Well, how in the world will that create a greater future? For me, having a pet again creates joy for me. My last two kitties lived to be 15 and 17. They were with me for a long time. And they transitioned barely over a year apart. It was so hard to be without them, as you well know if you love pets. I don’t have children so my mothering and nurturing genes were put to use caring for my furry babies. I needed time to grieve. It was the first time I was without a pet in my entire adult life. That was about three years ago. I gave away all of my pet stuff. I thought I wouldn’t get another pet for many more years. But I kept getting nudged to go to the rescue sites. I started looking. I asked questions and knew it would create more for me somehow to have a pet again. Then I found this adorable little tabby that was pulling my energy so strongly that I could not choose no. So now I have a cat. And what an interesting journey it’s been so far. His history is unknown but it’s obvious he had a rough start in life. So the healing has begun and he’s starting to learn what it’s like to be loved and cared for in a forever home.

How has this contributed to my life? I’ve had the opportunity to use all of my energy-healing training, especially in abuse, to help this sweet innocent animal. I get to be that safe place, safe person for him to learn to trust. It has helped me heal hidden grief I didn’t even know I had about my pets that are no longer here. I get to really pay attention to my energy and how I’m being and see the reactions of what that creates in his reactions to me and his environment. I must be present at all times with him and allow his choice and timing for what is safe for him. And those moments when he chooses to trust and venture beyond his comfort zone are amazing. I have a greater sense of peace, joy and happiness which I can also share with the world.

Dr. Dain Heer shared on the ‘Actions For Futures’ about how he and Gary Douglas (founders of Access Consciousness) were able to save over 70 starving horses and give them proper care. I might not be able to save over 70 horses but I was able to help one animal in need of love and a safe home, and learn more about a great rescue organization ( Dr. Dain also talked the Girl Up Initiative Uganda and shared from this book by Megan Walrod, “We Have Something To Say: True Stories From Adolescent Girls Growing Up In The Slums Of Kampala”. Amazing stories! You can help this initiative just by buying this book on Amazon. I’m not suggesting that you should rescue animals or go to Uganda; these are just possibilities that inspired me. What inspires you?

What is your action? What contributes to you and your life? What contributes to the world through those actions? What else can you put into action that would create a greater future for the world?

Christine Fodor is an Energy Medicine Specialist & Creation Coach specializing in clearing blocks to your success in love, relationships, business, health and wealth for over 16 years. Christine offers sessions and classes in person and online. Certified in Access Consciousness® BF, BPF, AFF, AHP, CFMW; Holy Fire III Usui and Karuna Reiki® Master, ThetaHealing and more. 248-444-7408


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