3rd Annual Colorfest Michigan


Contact: Shivani Kharkar – 734-716-1936

3rd ANNUAL COLORFEST MICHIGAN – www.colorfestMI.com

Aug 6th, 2016 – The 3rd annual ColorFest Michigan, will take place on Aug 6th, Saturday, in the city of Novi. This grand event will be showcasing Love and Friendship for the community.

COLORFEST MICHIGAN is a celebration of life to promote friendship and love. It is filled with colors, music, ethnic shopping, spicy food and the sight of 5,000+ happy participants dancing and singing! This is the reason that this festival is also called as Happiest event on the planet! For this annual event, we get participants from all ages (5 year olds to 65 year olds!), race, culture and economy. Its a full day live concert with Rock bands playing music and participants dancing, singing and throwing colors at each other. These colors are organic, eco-friendly and non-toxic. There are power packed dance performances from different ethnic groups to make this day even more musical. This year we have many booths for ethnic shopping (Jewelry and Clothing), Free Yoga Lessons, Chuck e Cheese and Menchie’s mascots coming to play games with the Kids, Free Raffles will occur every hour featuring items from BestBuy, RadioShack and many others. Italian / Mexican / American and Indian food booths with Gelatos, Snow cones, popsicles, and frozen yogurt will also be available to add to many other attractions of the day. Air Blowers at the end, will dust off the colors from your clothes, but not the thousands of happy memories gained at our event! Kids under 10 are FREE and Parking for this event is FREE!

While the world is divided due to skin color, ethnicity and religion, this festival demonstrates that when we color each other, we realize that we are all souls searching for the same thing, which are Love, peace and unity within our community. Although the end goal of all events is to offer happiness, this is the only event on the planet designed specifically with the objective to spread causeless Happiness. This year we are hosting this event on Aug 6th from 11 am to 5 pm at Fuerst park, Novi.

Please join us to celebrate Life!!!!
For more information, visit: www.colorfestMI.com.


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