Out of the Darkness


By Susan deCaussin

I don’t think there’s anyone alive today who would disagree that the last two years have created significant change. Not just in society and the way it functions, but in each of us as well. New rules and different ways of moving through daily activities are changes that are visible to all. However, those happening inside us aren’t quite as measurable or easy to understand. This can leave us feeling uneasy.

Many people have started to second guess their path in life, their relationships, and perhaps their ability to cope from day today. Memories and emotions related to past events may now be bubbling up to the surface.

Earth is shifting to a higher vibration – a healing vibration. It’s hurting and needs to heal itself. The planets in our solar system are realigning to make this energetic shift possible. But, you see, we are energetic beings, and therefore when the vibration of the planet rises, our vibration must rise as well. We have to consciously choose to fight the change or gracefully move with it. To make this move, we cannot hold onto anything of a low vibration within our energy field. Even thoughts are energy. And, negative thoughts, memories, and emotions tied to past events, which bring about feelings of hatred, jealousy, regret, or unforgiveness (to name just a few), are low vibration. They need to be resolved and released for our energy to match the rising energy of this planet at this time of change and healing.

When I asked Spirit why so many people are struggling, they provided me with a metaphor, which I’d like to share with you, which helps explain what’s happening in our world. Spirit showed me a cave with a hiker entering into darkness. After becoming lost in the darkness of the cave, the hiker eventually sees a fragment of light up ahead, which turns out to be a small crevice with warm, bright sunlight pouring through it. As he approaches and peers through the small opening, he feels a glimmer of hope and is filled with excitement over moving into this new world. Then he quickly realizes that the space isn’t large enough for him to pass through while wearing that backpack, which is filled to the brim with all of his belongings. So, he chooses to unload that pack, one item at a time, until all that remains what’s absolutely necessary, and then joyfully passes into the light.

You are the hiker, and the darkness of that cave represents the last two years of unrest and change. While we can begin to see the opportunity for a new world to evolve, we carry the emotional and physical baggage from the old world. This baggage must be purged.

I’ve been seeing so many clients who are dealing with crippling anxiety. It’s holding them back from moving forward and enjoying life, and they’re feeling confused as to why this is happening. Struggles from the past, which they believed to have worked through, are now surfacing from deep within. They find themselves overcome with sadness anxious thoughts and feel like their lives are out of control. What Spirit teaches us, in that metaphor, is that the energy of those memories, life events, and the emotions connected to them are akin to the items in that overloaded backpack. It’s simply impossible to bring low vibrational baggage into the elevated energy we’re moving into. If we don’t release and come to terms with these things, life becomes a constant mental and physical struggle. Even if you can’t consciously recall past events that need to be purged, it’s important to understand that the subconscious mind has a complete record of every experience you have ever had, which may be driving your unrest at this time of change in the world.

Sometimes, no matter how much meditation you practice, self-help books you read, and support groups you belong to, you can’t break out of the negative thinking or anxious feelings. This is because the energy stored in the subconscious mind from past experiences drives your current thoughts and behaviors, even if you have no conscious memory of those events. And, when you’re holding those memories in the inner mind, you’re holding onto low vibrational energy, which affects the well-being of your mind, body, and Spirit. 

The good news is that emotions stored in that deep inner mind can be released. I see it every day with Hypnotherapy. When the emotions tied to those past events are released, a person is unloading the negative energy that’s holding them back from moving gracefully and comfortably into the higher vibration that the world is evolving into.

So, if you feel like you’re doing everything right and you’re still unable to shake off the anxious feelings and negative thinking, perhaps Clinical Hypnotherapy is right for you. It’s time to unload your backpack so that you can confidently move forward. To find out if this is right for you, feel free to reach out for a consultation. Namaste’, Susan

Susan deCaussin CHt


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