Best Season of Your Life!


By Joseph A. Drolshagen

The decisions you make and actions you take today will determine the rest of your life!

Seasons come and seasons go… Fall is all about transition. As we move from the season of summer into fall, I am excited at the possibilities awaiting all of us. Along with the weather seasons, there are seasons in our life. With each new season, there is so much potential to ​GROW and ​EXPAND into living more of what you would love to experience life as! Because of that, this month “Coaches Corner” is dedicated to utilizing this season to kick off the absolute BEST SEASON OF YOUR LIFE!

Doesn’t that sound exciting?

As I began building my vision for this new season in my life, I realized I was experiencing feelings of discontent surrounding my living conditions. Now I am really blessed to own my home in the mountains of South Carolina, a mere one hour away from this awesome apartment I’m fortunate to have, right in downtown Greenville. I really get to enjoy the best of both worlds between the two places. But this discontent remained stubborn and continuous.

At first, I would push it aside and get back into my gratitude’s of “how fortunate and blessed I am to be able to live life this way”. But the discontent just gained strength. That’s what I mean when I state, “getting to that place of being sick and tired of being sick and tired”. It doesn’t have to be about running one’s life into the ground. It’s simply desiring change.

As I began to lean into the discontent by giving it a voice (so to speak), I was reminded of my vision to live mobile and travel across the country in a mobile home, trailering my motorcycle behind. What I came to realize is that discontent was nudging me to let me know, “this is my season to step into that adventure”. So as I write this article, I’m manifesting a motorhome and tenants to take over my lease and adding clarity to my vision of living on the road. I know a lot of planning is involved before stepping into that sort of life. And I am someone who likes to plan meticulously before I venture into anything. So even before I bought the motorhome, I went through a catalogue of American motorhome insurance providers to get the best deal possible.

It gets amazing on what’s showing up as I allow! We’ll save that for another time, but both are showing up in multiple ways…

SO… What area of your life would you love to experience more passion? More fulfillment?

Maybe for you, it’s your health and wellbeing. Getting those checkups or initiating that exercise program, or scheduling that massage that you just haven’t found the time for.

Maybe your focus is finding that great love or reigniting passion within your current relationship.
Is it your job and figuring out how to feel more excited about what you do?

Or could it be that you know what you would really love to do but there is that “how” question or fear that seems to keep blocking you?

Or maybe it’s finding more time and money freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do so.

Whatever it is, I can promise you, my friend, these seasons will continue to come and go regardless if you take action on your dreams or not. And with each new season, we all grow a little older. We can never get this time back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

So before this season passes you by, why not use this moment in time to make your mark on when your awesome life started? Just take a couple of seconds to go within and access that part of you that knows “there has to be more than your currently experiencing”.

Your only limit will always ever be… YOU!

I challenge you to take a bold action step and schedule your complimentary, 60-minute Telephone Strategy Session with me and let’s have fun spending an hour bringing laser focus into what’s possible for you and your life! You can schedule your session at

Have a blessed day, Joseph

Joseph A. Drolshagen, Transformational Coach. IFGT Life Coaching, LLC, 888-321-2243,,


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