Bold Enough To Be Whole


All violent acts toward yourself or others are from lack of self-love. Loving yourself is not selfish, but rather a courageous act of taking full accountability for your own happiness. When you know that your happiness is your choice, you no longer blame others, conditions, or circumstances for how you feel.

When you don’t do what you know will help the health of your body (good food, rest, water, etc…) you are not loving yourself. When you let go of your dreams you are negating your innate worth. When you criticize another or physically attack another, it is only because you have forgotten Who You Truly Are In God.

Your innocence or worth is NOT something you can earn, bargain for, or lose. If you think you must find your worth outside of you, in what you do or say, you will lose yourself. The opinions of others, or external conditions, only have the power to affect you when you have forgotten your True Self.

To come back to your center, where your Divinity lives, requires you to let go of everything you think ‘makes you’ a good person. Nothing can ‘make you good’ or ‘make you bad,’ your maker has already made you. If you are trying to find your ‘goodness’ in what you do, you will never find it. The kingdom of heaven is already within. Right? When you find your ‘goodness’ in your actions, accomplishments, or good deeds, you will feel good for the moment, but it will quickly fade. Express Love or your innate goodness for the joy of feeling it move through you, as you, but not as a validation.

The mind separate from Creation (egoic mind) needs rules, guidelines, and regulations. It is a radical notion to the egoic mind that you are LOVE right now. Most of your motivations for living will be challenged if you accept that you are loved as you are. Instead of being motivated by the happiness of others, what you ‘should do’, or ‘have to do’, you become motivated by compassion. Open up to accepting your inherent magnificence and you no longer need external motivators to express love.

Accept you are Love now, and you can be happy even when your child or partner is sad. Your happiness and open joyful heart is the greatest gift you can give. Accepting your divinity means you no longer worry about whether someone likes you. As you expand to a greater understanding of the Love you are, you no longer worry about keeping the scales even. You feel fully energized by your giving and feel fabulously open to receive.

This truth sounds way too simple to the egoic mind. YOU ARE LOVE. YOU ARE INNOCENT NOW. YOU ARE ACCEPTED AS YOU ARE. Universal spiritual truths are simple, yet multi-layered. So much of your identity is based on what you do, the roles you play, your past, or the rules you follow. Fully accepting you are loved as you are, is a process. Much of the egoic mind’s perceived control is based on proving your worth in the world.

Seeing the divinity in someone who has killed or harmed another starts with yourself. When you see the darkness (fear, anger, doubt, hate, etc.) within you as just a false creation of the egoic mind, you realize the darkness is not something you have to fix, attack, or make go away. Trying to make the darkness go away actually gives it the power to affect you. In gentle witnessing and self-acceptance you see that everything is Love-God.

Awakening to your Divine Identity, self-realization, or expanding your consciousness could all be simply called self-acceptance. As you accept yourself as you are, you know the Love you have always been. This is not a onetime thing. As you compassionately witness your thoughts, self-sabotage, emotions, and mental attacks on others you will come to realize you are not those things.

The darkness is the fertilizer to the expansion of your awareness of self as Love-Creation. It is not bad or good, it just Is. Everything within you and your world is there to show you your Divinity. Nothing is separate from the omni-present energy called God. This especially applies to your thoughts, feelings, and happenings of your life.

Everyone is innocent. When you condemn another you condemn yourself. Forgiving another is forgiving yourself, because as you see their True Self you come to know yours on another level.

Love heals all things, because we only harm when we are not feeling loved. Let go of the story. Forgiving others sets you free.

Loving yourself powerfully lines you up with the grandest potential in your life. Giving yourself full permission to Be Love, ignites you into living your dreams without fear of failure, and allows you to Be happy for no reason. You only fear failure when you don’t know your worth. Continue to accept yourself as you are and your purpose on the planet is known…to Be Love.

Love Is, God Is, and your Beauty, Divinity, and Worth just Is. Feeling guilty, like a bad person, or not good enough, is most people’s identity. You have been taught that accepting you are Powerful, Gifted, Intelligent, and Divine is arrogant. You have been taught you are only these things if you ‘do the right things’ or follow all the ‘right rules.’ But you cannot be separate from who made you. No matter what you do, you remain as God-Creation made you; whole, beautiful, and loved. 

Barbra White


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