Three Steps to Rapidly Accelerate Your Spiritual Development



Three Steps to Rapidly Accelerate Your Spiritual Development and Enhance Your Health and Well-Being


 The Laws of the Universe operate regardless of our belief in them. Understanding them helps us to master our life. Consider Ohm’s Law. It is a basic law of physics and its principles help you receive the benefits of electricity. Understanding its applications on an energetic level will help you know:

• Why positive thinking often does not get desired results

• Why results from therapies designed to move energy can be short lived

• Why emotional triggers can seem like they get worse before they get better

• What you can do to speed up you spiritual development and enhance your physical, mental and emotional health at the same time


Resistance is Key

Ohm’s Law is best described by the following equation: I=V/R where I is Power, V is Voltage and R is Resistance. Simply put, increasing the amount of voltage coming through the system is only half of the equation. You can up the voltage all you want but the voltage must overcome the resistance to make any lasting difference. If you take away the voltage, then the system returns to normal.


The Size of Your Spiritual Cord Matters

 We are all connected to the flow of Divine Energy. This energy is accessible to us through our Spiritual Cord. In this we are all the same. But where each of us is different is in the size of the cord. The constant Source of Energy must overcome the resistance within us to be accessible to us. Our energy body is filled with energy channels, called meridians and nadi’s. This is how energy received through the spiritual cord is accessed by the body. If these channels are clogged (have high levels of resistance) then energy that is flowing to us cannot be accessed. Our spiritual cords will be small. For example, if you have a garden hose that is clogged, water will not flow. To clear the hose you could do two things: 1). Up the flow by turning up the water volume or 2). Remove the block. As you know from experience, turning up the flow rarely moves the blockage; it is often simpler to remove the blockage. This same methodology applies to our energy body as well.


Our Spiritual Development is Proportional to our Resistance

 Our spiritual development and the health and well-being of our body, mind and emotions is directly proportional to the resistance we offer. If you want to rapidly improve your life in these areas, then Step 1 is to set an intention to let go of your resistance. Resistance typically takes the form of holding on to our story and attachment to belief systems. These are things we allow to define ourselves. It is who the ego says we are. But the roles we play are not who we are. The mantra: “I am not my body. I am not my thoughts. I am not my emotions. I am a Spiritual Being of Divine Love and Divine Intelligence;” is very helpful to remember and use throughout your day. Do this to bring Presence when you are otherwise reactive or use it during your conscious breathing practice.


How to Clear the Channels of Resistance

 Once firmly committed to letting go of resistance, Step 2 is to clear the energy channels of the resistance. Fortunately, all of the resistance that you experience in your life exists in an energy form within your energy body. It is literally the stuff that clogs up your energy channels and keeps you from accessing the Divine. The process is simple. For the fastest results, find an energy healing therapy that focuses on clearing resistance rather than just upping the voltage. Pranic Healing and Transformational Pranic Breathwork are two of the most powerful modalities that I know of that affects both sides of the equation.


Be Aware and Allow

 Step 3 is to be aware and allow.Reflect inwardly with compassion and nonjudgment. Be honest with yourself. Because you are now on the fast track, that which you have resisted may become more visible to you. This could take the form of certain feelings, memories or experiences that you may have forgotten about. Your Higher Soul has decided that it is in your highest and greatest good that you become aware. You are just getting a glimpse of what was blocking the channel. Do not be afraid but instead embrace the process. Have compassion for yourself for you are an innocent child of God. This is where conscious breathing is helpful for it easily brings you into the Peace of Presence and Awareness.


It Never Fails

 Following these three steps allows you to access abundant supplies of Divine Energy. It was always there; you just couldn’t get it because there was too much resistance. Understanding and working with Ohm’s Law will provide you with spectacular and rapid results. It never fails as long as you are willing to let go.


Dave Krajovic


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