Clairsentience – The Gift of Psychic Sensing


I would like to bid all of the Body Mind Spirit readers a happy Autumn! During this season may we be able to continue to collect a bountiful harvest as well as continue to grow our knowledge and delve deeper into our spiritual journeys.

Every year we are aware of the change occurring around us, not just by what Mother Nature is showing us with the beauty of the autumn leaves and chilly breezes, but a feeling in our beings of the change occurring all around, a knowing that the energy is shifting. For this month, we are going to venture into where that awareness is coming from, Clairsentience, the gift of psychic sense. This complex and intriguing concept is not to be confused with Claircognizance (often referred to as Clear knowing). Clairsentience is “clear sensing” a strong physical feeling, an ability to sense the emotions of people, animals, spirits and places around you, picking up the sense from the past, present or future within your body and heart.

This ability is considered to be one of the more underrated gifts of the clairs. The psychic gift of Clairsentience is an extra-sensory ability that is probably the most common since it is a clair sense shared by most psychics, mediums, healers and highly sensitive people. The medium senses subjective experiences about an object, event or person which triggers information or a sense within the person. This is not a thinking or reasoning experience, it is a sense or feeling. Individuals who may take on this feeling in their crown chakra will internalize the feeling and it will radiate within the physical vessel. Imagine stepping outside on a humid day. You cannot see humidity with your eyes but you are aware of its presence, and for some, they feel the weight of the humidity on their skin, when they breathe.

When a medium possesses this ability they feel energy in the same way one might feel when they physically touch something. This sometimes is referred to as a person’s “gut feeling” but it is more than this. It is not merely intuition or a hunch. Clairsentience is not when your grandma says her shoulder is sore and rain is coming. Developed Clairsentience is having an awareness of your physical surroundings; those who use this clair are often uncomfortable in large crowds as they are overwhelmed by the emotions and energy of others. Given that they have a strong ability to connect with individuals on a spiritual level, their first impressions of strangers are usually correct. Clairsentience can be triggered through a tingling sensation near the top of the head (the crown Chakra).

Some common things that happen to individuals who are Clairsentient, is that they are sometimes unable to distinguish whether or not the energy or emotions they are picking up on are their own. For example, if a Clairsentient is picking up a feeling of deep sadness or anxiety this may resonate a great deal inside of the individual making it necessary to learn how to cleanse their chakras and be able to disconnect when needed. These people are conduits that truly may have the ability to, so to speak, “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”.

Some signs of Clairsentient abilities are:

1. You are drained after being around a large group of people

2. You sense the energy when you have entered the room

3. You always know when your friend or loved one has had a bad day or is not feeling well (even if they do not show it or tell you)

4. You can feel your friend or families emotions as if it had happened to you

5. You feel emotional when there is no apparent reason to feel bad (not your own) and seemingly without cause

6. You are super sensitive to changes in your environment

7. You physically feel other peoples’ pain (physical and emotional)

8. You have strong gut feelings about things, people or events

9. You cannot walk into a thrift store, or sometimes go to estates sales

If the things stated above occur and seem to unite with your personal experiences, welcome to the world of Clairsentience.


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