Time Travelers


As a psychic, I time travel with every reading, projecting into the future, revisiting the past and looking into the present with great clarity. Unfortunately, time travel with a time machine has not been invented yet… or has it! I often say that if it will happen, it has already happened. How would we know if the present is different, or if someone went back into our past and changed something?

Well, you would never know as the new present is part of current awareness and the past is in your memory with the new life path created by going into the past and making changes. Dizzying isn’t it! You cannot live in the past as many of us try to do…living with do-overs in our mind hoping for a different outcome only to look around and see our history is still the same! Have you ever stopped yourself from making important decisions for your future, fearful of making a mistake and worried that with making a decision it could possibly grow your regret list?

Rest assure you do have control of your future, even though you will still come up against tough decisions and difficult life-changing events. You can get a look at your future through your psychic’s time portal and see into the future as it stands, letting you make better decisions. If you have insight into what is to come, you can change some things going into your future. You cannot change your past, no matter how hard you try. Simply knowing your future path will help you change things. For example, your psychic tells you that your business will not do well if you take on a partner. Or, that the relationship you are in is the one, but you are too afraid to trust in it. Knowing the future will help you to relax and make better decisions and avoid regretful situations.

Yes, this means you can change your future to a large degree. Sometimes people go see a psychic — they looked into your future, but things did not unfold the way the psychic said it would. What happened? Well, you were told that your business would fail to take on the new business partner, so you did not partner up and therefore avoided failure of a business. I think you get the idea. I tell my clients it is like casting a bright light on your life path to help you avoid the bumps and falls moving into your future.

Are situations and events fixed, and will happen no matter what you want or hope for, as you have a destiny to fulfill? Part of your life path may have built into it some hard knocks and bumps along the way. Remember that we are on Earth to experience life, and it is not always pleasant. At times, it’s not even tolerable, especially when we lose a loved one.

Even predicting a good outcome can cause some delay and or push back; not because you don’t like what is predicated, but due to becoming lazy and thinking it will happen, so I will not try to help it along. For example, you are involved with someone and you are afraid to change the relationship even though it is not a good one. Your psychic said a new person will come into your life once you leave your current relationship.

You find yourself fearful and do not make the changes, and the new love does not come into your life –or worse, comes into your life while you are still involved in the current relationship. This makes life complicated and the new love may not want to be involved with an affair situation and walks from the possibilities of pursuing the relationship.

Was the psychic’s future prediction the problem? I hope you understand that you have some responsibility to listen to not only your psychic’s insights but to your own intuition as well. Yes, you can time travel into your future by listening to your intuition; just having someone verify your insights into your future helps you trust in your future decisions. Timing is the hardest for any intuitive to predict, as you find that knowing your future can change decisions for the good, hopefully avoiding difficulties that lay ahead.


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