Grateful for the Divine within Us


When the world around makes less and less sense; when efforts to find a mutually supportive and loving path fail; when we worry about the ability of the human race to survive its own greed and lack of vision, and the Earth’s ability to survive our presence here… what is left for us to do?

These events are telling us to go within our hearts; beyond our minds, judgments and fears; to the place within where God — by whatever name you call that One — is present. The current world experience was destined from the dawn of time. It was designed to help us let go, give up, stop trying to make the world work from our limited human minds and wills. This is the time when we find that within us exists a new dimension of reality. In our true center, we can each open and align all that we are with our eternal true self. Beneath, beyond, and within our human egos lies the eternal presence of the divine and it is asking us to step out of the dream of separation and return to unity. This is a new unity, not one vast white light, but a rainbow with so many colors we can’t name them all. Each of us is a unique facet of the one, refracting the light of unity with incredible beauty and variety.

If we could make the world around us into our ideal of what it should be, we would miss the reality which we have prepared for since the dawn of time. The world as we know it has been a temporary place for learning individuality and growing independent potentials. Its time is over, and within each of us, there is opening a doorway to a new reality. The outer world isn’t going to become that reality; we are going to become new. And from that, we will co-create with the One, present within each individual, a world that we can barely imagine because it will be so right.

When I was asked to write about gratitude this month, this for me held that grateful spirit most genuinely. Oh, there is so much to be grateful for, but I find the uncertainty of things in the outer sense, makes gratitude slip and slide right along with worry, shame, and fear. It is time to let go of those, though we may have to do so multiple times a day. When we focus within our own center on the divine presence that is our true self, we know our purpose here has just begun.

There is a fortune of living yet to be lived. A fountain of joy we will only know when we reside in the new world which is being born from within us. For each of us that the new world is different! It is not a consensual reality which we need to agree on – This is what the new world should be like – No this is what it should be like!!! No, my way is better, and so on. The new world that is being born within is a personal facet of the rainbow of life which allows each of us to experience and co-create with God in our own way. In order for us to find this new rainbow, the Higher intelligence planned for us an inability to convince other people to do what we think is right. We will each at some point need to surrender our expectation of a consensual reality and the hope of “getting it right” by negotiating, buying, overpowering, fighting, protesting, yelling or promoting our ideas! The way to truly change the world is one person at a time – myself. I am supremely grateful that the discomfort of our world is forcing us to go within and find our inner divinity.

The world we live in now is very ill, but not because we screwed it up; though we are inclined to blame humanity. Everything that exists was designed to bring us to this pass, where we would have no option but to discover the new world waiting within each of us. If the outer world cooperated with our desires, we would be stuck in too limited a place. Our eternal and true self is so vast in its potential that we have to step out of the old experience, in order to begin to understand the new.

But you can begin to do that now! Try this: breath into your heart, then step back until your spine feels like the middle of you. There you will find your still center. Open to the divine unity you find there and let it become your home. Re-center there as often as needed as you grow stronger in your new world self.


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