Creation Questions for May


By Christine Fodor

What awareness can I receive that would enhance my life and create more ease? What am I aware of about this? What nudges from the universe have I been receiving and possibly ignoring? What do I know? What else can I ask about this to gain more awareness?

Just ask questions and see what shows up for you. Often, we have an inkling about something, an awareness, and often ignore it. Don’t! Start asking more questions about it. Choosing to acknowledge your awareness is a great start to create even more awareness.

Recently my homeowner’s insurance was ready to renew and I was aware to continue it another year. I bought a house last year and had to use my homeowner’s insurance a couple of times so it came in handy and paid for itself. Last year the appliances were not included even though I thought they were. It’s an older house and had older appliances. I kept getting the awareness to add the appliances. So when the renewal time arrived that’s what I did.

Within a month after renewing, both my washer and dryer decided not to work. Oh boy! Luckily I was able to use my homeowner’s insurance. Yay! They were able to fix the dryer but the washer had too many problems to repair. So guess what? I got a brand new washing machine with tons of more options and larger capacity! Woohoo! How cool is that? And the cost of the new washer was double what I pay for homeowners insurance. Good deal! So grateful I followed my awareness!

Can you recall a time when you had a thought or idea about something and just brushed it off or ignored it, then later realized you knew and should have paid more attention? That’s you’re awareness. Acknowledge it! Give yourself credit for having an awareness. Celebrate it! And ask more questions. You might just be pleasantly surprised to get a brand new washing machine.

Well, that’s my story, anyway. I could have gone into all the gloom and doom about my appliances breaking down. Nope. A little inconvenience, but only temporary. The result turned out so much better. Where can you use your awareness to create more for you? What questions can you ask to gain more awareness? What can you be, do and choose today to recognize and acknowledge your awareness? What can you choose to create more ease and joy in your life?

You are a brilliant magical being!

There’s nothing wrong with you, nothing to fix. You’re perfect just as you are, just you being you. You have the superpower of choice. Use it! And all you have to do is ask questions and choose. How’s that for awareness? Be the magical being you truly be. Ask and choose… YOU!

Christine Fodor

Christine Fodor is an Energy Medicine Specialist & Creation Coach specializing
in clearing blocks to your success in love, relationships, business, health and wealth for over 16 years. Christine offers sessions and classes in person and online. Certified in Access Consciousness® BF, BPF, AFF, AHP, CFMW; Holy Fire III Usui and Karuna Reiki® Master, ThetaHealing and more. 248-444-7408


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