Embodied Practice: Classes for Professionals


Join us for an experience of soul essence connection, the deep reflective part of ourselves which brings healing to relationships.

Taught by Abbe J. Grossman, MA, CET
Certified Embodied Energy Therapist

Bring these skills into your professional life with the seven core classes:
• Learn to create an energetic container (a boundary created from your electromagnetic field which allows you to not absorb the emotions and energies of clients or students).
• Learn methods of grounding yourself and your work space.
(experience the energetic mechanism for grounding: a connection and communication with Earth’s mantle).
• Activate mechanisms which allow you to clear yourself and your work space of unwanted energy.
• Be introduced to the difference of creating new life experiences through soul essence.
• Come into an ongoing communication with Earth and Sky energies, and experience the cradle of life.
Introductory Classes:
Monday, October 14, 2013, 7:00-9:00 pm or
Saturdays, Oct.19 or Nov. 9, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Embodied Wellness Center, 27752 Franklin Road, Southfield, Michigan
Fee: $15.00 for one Introductory Class.

For any health care or teaching professional working with clients or students: psychotherapists; social workers; teachers, nurses; doctors; energetic workers and massage therapists.

Our energy system determines our relationships and effectiveness with our clients and students. Learn to deeply sense, see and be present with the energy of your clients and students by activating all seven core vortexes in your body. Learn new avenues of being present that heal both yourself and those around you. Participants learn many simple, 24-7 practices, for sensing and releasing energy.

Abbe Grossman, MA, CET, CT began practicing in the field of mental health in 1993 after receiving her Masters in Psychology from the Center for Humanistic Studies. She began training in Embodied Practice, based on Kiera Laike’s theory and practice of Sensology in 2005 and having received three levels of certification, she now dedicates her fulltime practice to teaching Embodied Practice and offering Embodied Healing sessions .

For More Information: www.EmbodiedWellnessCenter.com
Abbe@EmbodiedWellnessCenter.com (248) 470-5738


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