Feel Peace Now


Feel Peace Now
By Barbra White

Be still and know that you are the formless and form. Your body is only “on rent” to be returned to your maker. Might as well identify now all the beautiful qualities of your True Self, waiting to be known and expressed as you.

There is so much Beauty, Possibilities, Love, and Prosperity seeing to express Itself through, as and in your Life; IF you only stay open on a regular basis.
Fear creates constrictions. Love expands.
Bring love to fear, and alchemy of greater expression of Beauty will unfold.

We are being “forced” through the quarantine to admit all the distractions that have kept us from feeling the full Glory of our True Beings.

Being intentionally accepting of Life and open to miracles allows you to stop being reactionary to conditions and circumstances.
Everything that happens in Life is to bring us deeper into the knowing Love/God/True Self as who we truly are. This can happen through painful or inspirational events.
Surrendering and being still right now allows peace…right now.

We are all Angels disguised as humans.
Don’t’ believe your self-sabotaging patterns, pain, and fears..…but also don’t numb out to it.
All humans feel unworthy and self-sabotage. Courageously stop trying to fix yourself.

We know the problem. The ‘unknown’ is greater Love, Abundance, and Beauty. Let the thing that shakes you shake loose what it needs to. Let it shift your perspective.

The Real YOU, the possibilities that are waiting, are always there.
Healing is simply remembering what is always there.

No human has enough information to be negative.
Your personality shapes your reality.
Let your reality shift.

Consider this: fear/depression/despair is a signal and NOT proof of your perceived brokenness. Negative emotions alert you that you are trying to make something happen through your personality. Trying to ‘fix’ or deny negative emotions will only keep them around. Instead, invite greater self-compassion.

In the realm of personal happiness. What you accept transforms. What you resist persists.

“You need not do anything. Remain sitting at your table and listen. You need not even listen, just wait. You need not even wait, just learn to be quiet, still, and solitary. And the world will freely offer itself to you unmasked. It has no choice; it will roll in ecstasy at your feet,” Franz Kafta.

Self-compassion is the tool to surrender to the greater You (and Life) that wants to be lived through you. Self-love allows you to be still and love all your crazy, beautiful, and messy parts.
As you tenderly stand willing to love all parts of you, a greater Love is realized.

Be willing to be open to greater possibilities. Don’t try to “make” your healing or your Life happen. This will sound crazy to your mind that basis. It’s worth on how much you do, give, or perform. The mental perceptions of yourself are only a small part of the Real You. There is nothing to make happen. God and your True Beautiful Self are found through a high receptivity to What Already Is.

Let go to the Dignity of your True Self now through a gentle willingness. Let go to the Force that creates worlds through a soft humility to Grace, or Life energy, that wants to support you.

Blessings and a huge hug to your journey. Life is not easy, AND suffering is absolutely and fully optional.
I hope you choose to be kind to yourself today…

Barbra White


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