Own Your Heart—Your Dreams Can Come True


You can only give what you have taken possession over fully. Not taking ownership over your heart, you give your heart away in trade agreements for approval, security, and worth. Take full ownership over your heart and you now have 100% responsibility over your experience. No one can take advantage of you, unless you allow them.

Own your heart and you invite the universe to be experienced as you. Martyrdom can be a clever disguise to avoid full acceptance of the power you have to manage your human experience. Giving that is truly loving and holy, requires no sacrifice.

Your greatest fear is actually feeling how loved you truly are. Surrendering wide open to feeling your innate worth, means letting go of the ways you currently identify yourself. Optimism requires an embracing of the unknown. It is human nature to go towards what is known, even when what is known…is misery. Owning your heart requires a radical shift into first cause. Your thoughts create your reality.

“You are at the effect of the world you identify. Love or fear.” Course In Miracles. “The 3D reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Albert Einstein.

A negative emotion simply means your thoughts are out of alignment with your innate brilliance. Out of tune with their feelings and needs, people become locked in reactions to conditions and circumstances. Your feelings witnessed without story can shift your fear-based belief system into a more expanded state. Your feelings are indicators of your current beliefs. Own your heart and then you have a choice of what reality you live in.

For example: Fear of abandonment is a signal you have abandoned yourself. It is not the person you miss, it is your Inner Being. Witnessing fear in a non-reactive stillness, births greater awareness of your true Joy.

See negative emotion simply as a signal to pay attention to yourself. Negative emotion is like a seat belt alarm. You wouldn’t try to fix the alarm. Right? You wouldn’t go to a mechanic and ask him/her to disconnect the alarm. Right? Likewise, negative emotion is just a signal to be with yourself. Be with yourself by simply being still and breathing. Being still can change your life. The journey to whatever you desire (weight loss, prosperity, peace) is a mental change, not behavioral.

A calm sea brings in the ships. The more you enjoy your life as it is, the faster you manifest. Practice being with yourself when the signal of negative emotion arises for only 15 minutes a day and you will bump up against the Presence of God as you. When you remember who you truly are all your perceived troubles begin to fall away.

I’ve asked my students for years, “What do you want?” I get blank stares. I have found most people don’t know what will bring them joy. This is because they haven’t stopped to be with their emotions.

Owning your heart, you ask clearly with no angst for what you are wanting, because when you ask from a state of self awareness and self love (owning your heart), you can actually feel the need already met before you ask.

Full ownership over your heart is a courageous act. It is only when you practice this principle can you truly unconditionally love. If you think someone can give you happiness, then they can take it away. When you “fall in love” you are simply remembering your True Self.

Own your heart and you can live in a Reality of true joy, independent of conditions. Change happens from accepting what is, and then holding a vision. Acceptance can’t happen through blame.

Oneness and connection are a symptom of personal sovereignty. Intimacy is a byproduct of owning your heart. Relationship is the crucible of self commitment.

You will be hypnotized 1000% into thinking the lover, kids or family are the reason for your feelings. Each time you decide to own your heart you will realize more heaven on Earth.

Own your heart and you discover what truly brings you joy. You can’t know what you truly want, until you own your heart. By believing another person can give or take away happiness, your life’s dreams will be clouded with approval seeking. When you own your heart you will break all approval patterns and agreements to be small and become available to hear your Soul’s calling.

Are you ready to shine? Are you ready to live your dream? Then…own your heart.

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