Trauma Can Be the Fertilizer Of Your Bloom: They tried to bury us, but they forgot we are seeds.


NEW RELEASE on 8/8. Receive a FREE LIVE 3-week workshop on how nature heals trauma with the purchase of the books! Monday, 14th-28th, 7-830pm, free online. Heal trauma through nature, embodiment practices, and Self Acceptance Processes so that Trauma Can Be The Fertilizer to Your Bloom.

The dream is that you use this book to metabolize the trauma, step into your True Powerful Self and be a living demonstration of what is possible. Everyone can be a lighthouse, and everyone has a purpose. After working with hundreds of people, I know this to be a fact. If someone is just a tiny bit willing to grow, a tiny bit willing to be kind to themselves, and a tiny bit willing to face the hard stuff….the harmonizing principle, nature, grace, or (also known as the divine) will handle the details. A drop of willingness merges you with the ocean of Love and ignites the organizing principle of the universe on your behalf.

Trauma is any pain that you did not have the tools, safety, or support at the time to heal. This pain that got stuck in your body and psyche; is trauma. Trauma can be from childhood, ancestral, cultural or religious, medical, or systemic oppression. I believe those that are the most traumatized have even more fertilizer to become great healers and voices of change. As an incest and cancer survivor and now thriver———— I know this to be true.

Re-connecting back to our innate worth, bodies, and nature, we reclaim our power back from the thousands of years of raping the Earth, women, people of color, and torture to animals. There is personal trauma, collective trauma in agricultural practices, racism, and power-over oppressive systems. This is why self-love is a radical act.


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