It’s a Matter of Consciousness


By Carolyn Simon

As I watch and listen to the negative events happening globally, I have heard many people asking these questions: Why is this happening? What is going on? Why are people doing these things? What are we, as a people, becoming? I am reminded of a small booklet entitled, “Life Is Consciousness”, by Emmet Fox. In this booklet, he explains what consciousness is and how it affects our personal, as well as our societal lives.

Usually, when the word consciousness is used, we think of being aware of something. Aware of some person, place, or thing. But I would like for you to consider another definition relating to the word, consciousness. What if, just what if, consciousness was defined as: the sum total of your thoughts and feelings; your belief system pertaining to any area of your life, your likes and dislikes and the rationale behind each, and your actions and reactions to various life experiences? The totality of who you think yourself to be — your beingness. How would that definition impact your decisions, your choices and the way you live your life?

Emmet Fox causes us to reflect on the conditions presenting themselves in our lives and universally. He tells us that, “Life is a state of consciousness.” Just what does that mean? Well, let’s take a moment and look at the word, state, not pertaining to government or municipality but to a condition or position of the mind. So, if life is a condition or position (state) in the mind, it can be said in the simplest terms, it is a mindset or a personal belief system and from that mindset, you will make decisions, respond to life’s challenges, and design your life.

As you read this article, I invite you to consider your consciousness regarding some situation in your life that you feel needs improving. Now, ask yourself this: What is my belief system around this situation? Whatever you are believing about the situation is what is outwardly impacting your life and will continue to do so until a new and improved belief system is established and becomes your new consciousness.

So, back to the questions at the beginning of this article: Why is this happening? What is going on? Why are people doing these things? What are we, as a people, becoming? Well, my answer to these questions is this, It’s a Matter of Consciousness and we as a people will become what we are in consciousness, and consciousness can be changed.

At times, forming new and improved behaviors, habits and thinking can be difficult. That’s where clinical hypnosis may be helpful. If you have tried other methods for change to no avail, then clinical hypnosis could be your answer. Call me and let’s start the journey of a new and improved YOU!

Carolyn is the founder of, InnerEssence Counseling and Clinical Hypnotherapy, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ordained Unity Minister, former Dental Hygienist, and former Teacher. Call: 248-827-5583 or visit:


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