A Journey of Awakening


The Age of Aquarius has dawned. We, as members of the human race, have moved through the trials, tests and triumphs of the Age of Pisces, and are now embracing the further challenges that evolution brings us in its eternal quest for perfection.

These challenges that face us today are very real and may, at times, seem insurmountable. We see division, chaos and the evil of terrorism throughout our world. However, at the same time as this, there is a spiritual awakening happening quietly, slowly, but very surely within the hearts and minds of many. This awakening is our higher self; our real self; our God self, beginning to speak to us and through us. Instead of focusing on what we cannot control, we can instead find solace in nurturing what we can – this magical, mystical part of us.

We should not feel helpless or afraid, for we can now push open the boundaries to find renewed strength and compassion in a similar way to the boundaries that are being pushed wide, opening us to new possibilities in science and spirituality. Here, Oneness becomes a reality, as well as an aspiration. We are thrilled to learn that physicist, Amit Goswami, revealed that the reality of quantum mechanics at the human level is love, where the “Boundaries of the self are transcended through the experience of unity in spite of apparent separateness.”

Hubble has transformed the field of astronomy taking us backward into time, some 13.3 billion years, to glimpse some of the oldest galaxies ever seen. Science is now beginning to prove what the mystics have always known – that the Universe is alive, not dead and void space as previously thought. Several new planets have been discovered thanks to Keplar, another space telescope, currently travelling through space, expanding our boundaries as Christopher Columbus did — with the discovery of over two thousand new planets in the Habitable Zone – all capable of supporting life.

At the same time as this space exploration, opening our minds and hearts to never before dreamed of possibilities, there have been revelations into inner space; the worlds of the mystics, the sages and the poets.

My own Spiritual Master, the extraordinary Dr. George King, plumbed the depths of these inner planes to reach cosmic consciousness many times and also reached the heights of the outer planes as an outstanding Medium for messages from Extraterrestrial Intelligences; the Gods from Space. Just as Moses received The Ten Commandments, Dr. George King was a messenger for this Age receiving over 600 messages of cosmic wisdom and power for this new world in which we live.

My husband, Gary, and I, who were both direct disciples of Dr. King for over twenty years, are pleased to present a series of monthly classes based on the spiritual practices and teachings of this incredible Master, to celebrate this spiritual awakening. The classes are called, King Yoga, and they focus on our all-important spiritual and psychic development. In other words, we shall in these classes help you to nurture and grow the awakening that is taking place through teaching powerful, inspiring practices and visualizations, and sharing revelations.

We are all on this journey of spiritual awakening; a journey through space and time – Godwards. It is up to each of us whether we will be courageous pioneers, unafraid to plumb the depths and climb the heights of our true natures; or whether we will stand still, afraid to move forward, or fall backwards into the increasing chaos around us. Really, we have no choice. This is the time for all spiritual workers to awaken!

Please join Gary and I for the upcoming King Yoga classes. Further information can be found on the accompanying ad.


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