King Yoga: Realize Your Inner Potential Through the Path of Spiritual Service


By Richard Lawrence

On January 23rd, 1919, a Cosmic Avatar was born upon the Earth. On May 8th, 1954, he was activated by his Master, The Master Aetherius. On July 12th, 1997, he departed this world leaving the greatest path to God for ordinary people to follow in these days. This path is practiced and taught by The Aetherius Society and its name could be termed: King Yoga.

The last book Dr. George King wrote, Realize Your Inner Potential, includes many aspects of King Yoga. It is the ideal primer and as such it is unequalled on this and, I would suggest, most other realms too. The Third Edition of this book has just been published under the following title: Realize Your Inner Potential through the Path of Spiritual Service – King Yoga.

The following is an excerpt from the introduction I wrote to this 3rd Edition:

“Dr. George King was, in my opinion, the greatest exponent of Karma Yoga the world has ever seen. Some of the spiritual techniques in this book were transmitted through him by his Cosmic Teacher, The Master Aetherius; others, drawn from his vast knowledge of numerous ancient yoga practices, he put in a safe and usable form for today; and the remainder he devised himself from his own profound experience. When used in conjunction with the global service he devised, they take Karma Yoga to a whole new level – one which could be fittingly termed: King Yoga.”

Of course King Yoga stretches beyond the remit of Realize Your Inner Potential. It includes some of the highest Cosmic Missions ever performed on Earth such as Operation Sunbeam. (For more information about Operation Sunbeam, please visit ). If I was to describe King Yoga in one phrase, I would call it, “Karma Yoga in overdrive”.

The following words were written by Dr. George King over twenty years ago but are still just as relevant today. These words would turn out to be one of Dr. King’s last statements to the organization he founded, The Aetherius Society, but they are also for all people on the spiritual path:
“Accomplishments are becoming more and more difficult for Spiritual Workers all over Earth. As the amount of good performed by an individual or organization increases, so too does the degree of difficulty.

This does not mean that those working for the good of the world should stop.

It means the exact opposite!

An individual is never given a task they are not capable of.

This is a Law of God.

With perseverance, enthusiasm and hard work – you can succeed. Each success in these days is beautifully glorious, not only to you and I and the world, but also to the Divine Plan.
It is now time for all Spiritual Workers to strengthen their Karmic armor by increasing their spiritual practices. The practices of Aetherius, deep breathing, recitation of Holy Mantra, attendance at services and study of your Holy works are more essential than ever before.
It is time to rally around your chosen spiritual organization with renewed vigor and light.
With help from all of you – we will prevail. Go always with God.”

You are very welcome to attend the launch of King Yoga at the Michigan Branch of The Aetherius Society. This class will be held on Saturday, May 20 from 2-4 p.m. Please see The Aetherius Society’s ad for further details.

Richard Lawrence is the Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society for Europe and a Bishop in The Aetherius Churches. He has devoted his life to the work of his master and personal friend, Dr. George King (1919-1997), who founded the Society. He is also an international bestselling author of more than 10 books, and the co-host of Aetherius Radio Live with Chrissie Blaze at:


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