As We Let Our Light Shine, We Give Others Permission To Do The Same!


When we let our light shine, we define ourselves by our gifts and what we have today, and not by our deficiencies or what is missing.
One way to do this is to be intentional with our speaking and be aware of what comes out of our mouth. We can have conversations
that demonstrate our willingness to stop telling people what is not right about them, how they need to improve or how they should do
things differently.
With a positive approach, we can share with people the gifts we have received from them. We can acknowledge their strengths and
that ‘something special’ that they bring to the world. Try telling them what they did in the last ten minutes that made a difference!
We create our destiny when we have the courage to acknowledge our own gifts and make choices that bring them into the world. We
each have our own unique qualities, yet we are often blind to them. Our work is to bring them forth, accept them, and then share them with
others. A gift is not a gift until it is offered!
Come share your gifts with us and let us get to know you and your unique gifts! Join us at Unity of Farmington Hills, 32500 W.
13 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, 48334. (248) 737-9191
Upcoming Special Programs:
Sunday July 8, 10 AM Service with Special Guest Speaker:
“Happiness Within – True and Lasting Happiness is Possible.”
Help us welcome Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and Gandhi Peace Prize winner, Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne, founder of Sarvodaya, the largest
grass-root community organization which for 53 years has provided services for 15,000 villages in Sri Lanka.
On Saturday, August 19, at 10 AM, be part of our outdoor Sunday Service. Sing with us. Pray with us.
Stay afterwards and enjoy company, laughter and great food at our picnic!

Barbara Clevenger, Minister

Unity of Farmington Hills, 32500 W. 13 Mile Road, Farmington Hills
(248) 737-9191


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