Look What We Have Accomplished!


Look What We Have Accomplished!

By Eve Wilson

Here is a positive perspective on the benefits of the world virus as seen through the eyes of a World Healer and Ascension Worker.

We have been experiencing an ascension virus. Though uncomfortable on every level, it was designed to break down negative aspects of human habits and programming. It is bringing us into a state of greater unity and wholeness with our eternal spiritual selves and each other.  So many positive shifts have occurred because of this which will never be talked about by the newscasters!  If the term ascension is new to you, learn more on my website www.spiritualhealers.com .

There is a unifying element I have noticed when working for world healing and ascension since the world virus began.  Perhaps it is people caring more about each other.  We are all in the same boat; probably understanding this more immediately for the first time. The social distancing and stay at home order have had the effect of creating quiet and space in a world which was frenetic and psychically noisy prior to this event.  This created an aura of expectancy and openness to the Higher Power.  There is a vulnerability and willingness to be supported, protected and to receive love from the One Source, though it is called by many different names around the world.  About 80% of the resistance I used to encounter when assisting individual or world ascension has dissolved.

When working with clients I find genetic material is newly ready to dump blocks and old contracts and to ascend.  Emotionally and mentally, there is a phenomenal willingness to release old hurts and to enter harmony with Higher Self.  Collectively I see a vast amount of old karmic baggage easily transitioning back into Oneness to be healed.

Rigid ego structures that have blocked the receiving and giving of love, causing people to behave without compassion are clearing in mass.   The ancient spiritual Foundations for Chaos are being re-contracted to support rather than resist our world’s unity and unconditional love.  This frees us to co-create with the Higher Power an experience of harmony and wholeness.  We have learned what was needed through that chaos but are glad to move on to a better reality.

Huge ascension shifts are healing childhood sexual abuse and the hereditary line and cultural influences that have carried that in our world. Clearing of shame, trauma, fear, jealousy, hatred, blame, soul damage and entities is occurring. Twisted emotional, mental and sexual attitudes and influences are healing, and there is an influence of forgiveness for all of those who have played roles in those experiences.  New levels of hope, freedom and love are coming for these souls.

Pets are making great strides in breaking through the contracts which have kept them limited and subservient. Moving more fully into unity with their Higher Selves, their instinctual power is becoming more integrated with their spiritual essence. This is bringing balance, wholeness, healing and ascension to them body and soul. They have always been inclined to channel their Higher Selves which are usually our spirit guides. But now they will be integrating their Higher Selves into their physical selves. As this occurs, we should feel their powerful unconditional love and true friendship more comprehensively. It might be good to pay better attention to the wisdom they are bringing us!

Finances are shifting more into the control of higher intelligence and unconditional love. The enforced stoppage of work is allowing money to ascend!

I so appreciate how people have made good use of this time off work. I’ve loved seeing families spending time together in ways that will leave lasting blessings for children and parents as we all mature in our lives. I especially want to honor how people have stayed calm and done their best to relax with this process. I know it has challenged us, bringing up fears.  Many have used this time to process through and release those fears, discovering that things which were hard to release previously are easier now, despite the circumstances of our lives.

There is infinitely more positive change that I see, but this is a good cross section.

Take advantage of this amazing transition! This is the best time ever to review old issues, particularly those that involved feeling hurt, abused, imposed on, limited or us causing those problems for others.  These and other things are ready to be cleared, forgiven and healed.

With all the new space being freed up from our bodies and souls it is essential to welcome our Higher Selves to enter and be at home within us.  This lifts us into our ascended experience where we know we are safe and that everything will serve our greatest good.

Eve Wilson Master Healer, Best-Selling Author, Teacher


  1. A powerful article. The paradigm shift to ascension is indeed the world we now live in.
    It was/is a necessary occurance – the world was heading to self-destruction. I, for one am so glad that the pandemic occured (the lost of so many lives is sad). We humans needed to wakeup on a grand scale. Now we see each other.

    Thank you for another fine article.


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