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How Can We Make Use of What Have We Gained?

How Can We Make Use of What Have We Gained?

As the world virus retreats and we are released from restrictions, we are stepping into a new place from where we were when it all began. As a spiritual world healer, I see this as a better place, though I recognize the losses we have incurred. What have we gained, and how can we use that to further our soul’s true purposes within our lives?

Everyone’s experience is their own, but here are some of the spiritual goals which I have learned we were working on during this time:

1- Letting Go – Has there ever been a time since the Great Flood of Noah that the entire world has practically stopped what it was doing as it has during this period?

As a world-healer and ascension worker, what I saw was a tremendous quiet and openness to Higher Self that was universally evident. This openness helped us to let go of agendas and just be, allowing change to happen within us.

2- Cooperation – People the world over recognized that a new level of cooperation was needed.

For our world to survive this crisis, we all had to be careful, for our own and for other’s sake. We were all in the same boat, no one was excluded from the threat, and no amount of money or power could protect one from the potential danger. As we cared for ourselves, we were also caring for others.

3- Clearing – Spiritually, as everyone was unable to push their agendas, the space was used to release old genetic and social programming, old traumas, and much more.

This occurred on genetic/hereditary, personal, social, and world levels.

4- Healing – For many, this period of rest was unprecedented in their lives, and deep transformation could happen. Many aspects of body, emotion, mind, spirit, and soul have been healed during this time.

5- Unity – All of this amounts to an overall greater unity with Higher Self – which is who we really are. Letting go of who we were in the outer world has allowed us to grow in this way.

As we return to our outer business, it would be valuable for us to recognize that the world is a new place.

Many may think of it as more limited in many ways; however, I would say that it is less limited spiritually. It seems to me that if we try to make our lives what they used to be and focus on old goals exclusively, we may find it difficult. However, if we remain in that new unity with Higher Self, allowing space within our mind, heart, and soul for greater inner guidance from that source, we may find that doors open in unexpectedly right and beautiful ways.

Inner guidance flows from our unity with Higher Self and is, therefore, most natural to us. We just know things, though we may not know why.
Many people think of guidance as something that comes from “Spirit Guides.” But what I am talking about is the direct link with our eternal spiritual essence, which is part of the Oneness of life. From that connection, we can be in spiritual unity with all of life. It opens the doors within the world that are waiting for us, where our perfect opportunities for service, fulfillment, and true purpose lie.

The experience of being in our right place may feel very different from the familiar comfort of our past. People grow up with certain things that feel good because of their familiarity, but which may be limiting or even self-damaging. What feels right from the place of unity with Higher Self holds a different draw for us. It doesn’t push or pull; it simply offers clarity of connection and the inner sense of rightness and self-worth.

Our time of being limited and isolated from the outer world has hopefully helped us to let go of some of our limiting or self-damaging habits for long enough to no longer need them.

We may have learned to self-nurture and become more attuned to what is right for us within our time of quiet.

Yes, we may have indulged in too much eating and television, etc. But even so, there is that newly acquired unity which is available now to everybody.

It is there for us to embrace in every aspect of our lives.

So, following our virus adventures, let’s make use of this opportunity by allowing our Higher Selves to guide our lives more comprehensively. Pay attention to what choices resonate most clearly to your true needs and purpose in the moment. Skill in following inner guidance is a lifelong journey, so practice and be patient with yourself. It is a learn-by-doing experience, but it is also like coming home.


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