Love Rises


I wish everyone knew how loved they are. We are so loved. I can see how life works tirelessly to show people that they are powerful beyond what they think. There ARE cosmic forces working on your behalf to wake you up to the infinite potential of your life.

If your mind just thought something like, “This crazy love chick needs to get a reality check” then I offer you this…I hear your reality is full of pain. I hear that your situation may be difficult. BUT if you stay open to insight while in the pain…a new insight will come.
With your insight, a new energy arises.
With a new energy, a new behavior arises.
With a new behavior, a new story begins to form for your life.
Life is always always for you.
I get that this is very hard to see when things are painful. Your current understanding can’t fix this.
Let go.
Be open to possibility even if you can’t see the solution.
Don’t believe the emotion…yet feel it fully.
Be open to a new perspective.

“We don’t experience reality, but our thoughts about reality” Dr. Beckwith.

You know how some couples begin to avoid the hard conversations and growth edges? As years go by, they start to have an overly “safe speak” around each other? The relationship becomes boring and lacking passion? This is also how the ego mind operates in your own life. It knows…letting love in… DREAMING big, and having a willingness to know your True Identity will cause you to change.

If you are bored in your life…it is because you stopped growing. One of my students shared that she was doing the daily meditation exercise, “I am willing to be loved” from my book, “Self Acceptance Process”. She said she was having huge releases of fear after each meditation. Why?

Ego (smaller self) believes that fear and stress protect you. It does not trust love. It wants to keep you in a slow moving river of misery.

Love transforms.

As we open to love, dreams and new possibilities, the smaller self identities will be threatened. Fear will rise up as you stand willing to open to your True Self, love, and bigger dreams.

Don’t believe it.

Don’t believe your emotions.

Your True Self can prosper.

Your True Self is whole, beautiful and amazing.

Don’t believe your perceived limitations.

Don’t believe your stories.

Your True Self is more amazing than you think. Be willing to open.

Don’t try to fix your smaller self. This will keep you trapped.

Be willing to let the Divine burn it away.

Just be willing.

Life is waiting to be lived.

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