Love Your Humanity, To Know Your Divinity Self Love is Fundamental to Change


Bringing heaven to earth, feeling the divine in your very breath, and manifesting your desires rests on your willingness to love all parts of you. Loving yourself means cultivating gentleness, tenderness, and presence, to wrap like a babies blanket, around past trauma or current painful emotions. As you bring love to what is distressing, without adding story, denying, projecting or numbing, this love has the power to change your life, manifest your desires, heal illness, and slow the aging process. I have seen this in my own life, and with my clients, literally thousands of times.

So if loving ourselves does all these wonderful things (and it does) why don’t we do it more?!

1. We ask “why” the emotion is here. Then our mind will fill in “reasons” that will stunt the possibility of inner growth and real life changes.

2. If we can’t find a clear “why” then we shame or attack ourselves, or others, for our pain. This can go on for years, trapping pain of the past deep in our psyche and tissues. This trapped pain fragmented our energy system and we began to have haunting feelings of brokenness or unworthiness. (NO one is broken or unworthy)

3. We humans normally don’t have the tools, context, or support to productively move the energy of pain/trauma through our bodies.

4. Other humans without their own self-acceptance practice will offer advice before empathy. Advice before empathy has fixing energy to it. This energy added to a person’s vulnerable emotional share will trigger someone to feel even more broken.

5. We are taught to be mediocre. We think the answer is outside of us. We are not shown through healthy mentors how to manifest through our very own energy systems the answers we seek. (You are the answer)

Ok, so how can we make self-acceptance easier? I have had the joy of watching thousands of lives change and bodies heal through self-acceptance, and I am excited to share with you these life-changing tips.

(For more information, check out my first book, Why Self Acceptance is so Powerful, that chronicles the wisdom of over 10,000 self-acceptance sessions)

Practice these dynamic life-changing principles:

1. Don’t ask ‘why’. Instead of asking, “Why am I feeling this way?”..ask where. Once you feel in the body the sensation of the emotion, draw your breath from the earth to the sky and back.

2. Commit to loving all parts of you. Even though the pain is only a small part, if you judge it…you will be engulfed by it. What you judge, you become. The problem IS the solution. The pain is the bridge to realizing more of your true divine nature. See the pain as opportunity to reveal more of your true greatness.

3. Sit daily, and be with, and as, your divine nature. Say out loud, “I am willing to feel how loved I am.” Do this for 10 minutes a day. Decide before you sit, to embrace and love whatever rises. Do step one and two over and over. Eventually, you will feel: “I Am Love.”

Frame your self-acceptance practice in unconditional love:

4. Prior to steps, 1-3 affirm: “Who I am is already whole, and already loved.” Don’t try to heal…reveal. Don’t try to get your happiness…let it. If you start from heal or getting…you are implying that you are currently missing something. You are not! You are a divine being that can think independently of circumstance and conditions.

5. Prior to steps, 1-3 affirm: “Who I am is more than the pain, protective personality or story.” You are already here. Already beautiful. Already innately magnificent. You are just waking up to who you have always been, and will always be. You are a cosmic happening in a local phenomena that has the power to co-create an amazing life!

6. Ask for help from people you can discern have their own self-acceptance or self-awareness practice. Communicate your need to be witnessed with empathy and love. Let them be your “training wheels” to your own self-love. Share your story with intentions to let the story go!

There is so much love, and blessings waiting for you to allow in. As you love your humanity, you will begin to taste and feel your divinity. As you embrace all your feelings without story, you create the energetic framework to manifest your dreams and make empowering choices.

I am so happy to share with you this work.

Barbra White


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