Masculine Energy Meets the Feminine Energy


For some time now I’ve wanted to get more in-tune with my breathing to help me acquire more lung capacity to enrich meditation, breath work and just for an overall healthier feeling. Ask and you shall receive! I had the good fortune of synchronistically coming across information on an upcoming introductory breath workshop that was taking place in April at the Emrich Retreat in Brighton, MI. It is perfectly nestled in the backwoods, providing a landscape that makes you feel safe and as if you went back in time. Simple, clean, and circled by nature’s comfort.

The technique that would be used is called, “Biodynamic Breath Trauma Release” (BBTR). UBU TODAY (the host) is the only group in the United States that is trained for this application. In the beginning I was concerned; as far as I knew I did not have any major trauma in my past that needed to be addressed. UBU Today’s founder, Wendy Jo Morrison, reassured me that this work is for everyone. And even though the word trauma is used in its title, it is ideal for everyone. The majority of us do not breathe correctly, myself included. To learn deep breathing is not only vital for good health, it has the power to remove old emotions that may be holding one’s current state hostage from a more fulfilling life.

The oxygen-rich inhale also carries the potential to oxygenate any acidic pathogens that pose a threat to the one in question. She continues to suggest that if we breathe incorrectly, we may hold space for air that encompasses beliefs that remain locked in the position in which it is held. These imprisoned emotions could possibly wreak havoc any time we dare to potentiate our aspirations. “We are who we think we are.” The inner voice maintains its message until NEW reinforced data replaces it. And breathing deeply, methodically, with beautiful compassionate intent, expresses a reality fit for a wonderful dream. Dreams do come true.

My experience during the five day retreat can be seen as soft, subtle and transformational. On the last day, I had partnered up with a lovely lady for our last intensive biodynamic breathing session. Prior to her I was partnered with two males. Although the experience was appreciated, I intuitively knew something within still needed attending to.

When Cindy (not her real name) came to me and respectfully asked if I would be her partner I was taken back; earlier in the week she carried a “NO men” policy in her vocabulary and in her aura field. I said yes, but it seemed to awaken something within as I became aware of the uncomfortable feeling that had instantly surfaced when confronted with the idea of her and I working together.

Was there some emotional trauma lurking in my body hinting to be released? And was the feminine energy the key to allowing these stored beliefs an exit? I never realized that I, too, may have been carrying these doubts and fears for years. I began questioning myself and the “what if” kept pulling on my psyche. Instantly, a wave of feeling victimized made its way through my body. I felt vulnerable, small and incomplete. I knew I had to challenge this opportunity or keep this emotional charge from bringing out the best me I could have ever imagined.

As we began our session, a flow of rhythmic breathing came in cadence with my heartbeat. With this, little by little, a flow of comfort chipped away at my initial resistance. As her soothing voice began to whisper “let go”, I found my body falling limp to her request. Upon the compassion of her support, the inner magic that came out of the experience had been exactly what was needed. “The masculine energy I carried needed to be balanced with the feminine energy in order to become WHOLE again.”

I saw that I had been inherently afraid to show the nurturing side that men are often scolded for by allowing it to be expressed. I felt powerful, strong, confident and approachable all in ONE. At that moment, my left and right hemispheres became balanced, and when that happens a rush of serotonin commenced to quench the thirst my MIND BODY & SOUL had been longing for. This subjective-able feeling had finally made its way into my circle of influence and unlocked the pain that I unconsciously held for so long.

This experience provided Cindy with the same Divine download that now created a warm, loving space for her to feel LOVE, be LOVE, and most importantly — GIVE LOVE, unconditionally. That day her feminine energy danced elegantly with her masculine energy that had been away for far too long. As I witnessed first-hand how transformational this work had been for me, I was left with an inner-standing that our journey here may be to connect our masculine and feminine energies in order to be of a higher service to all. For this we truly need ONE another.

My LOVE and gratitude for Wendy Jo Morrison, Primea, Julie, and all those whom attended UBU TODAY’s inspirational week of personal discovery. Wendy Jo Morrison’s story of survival, strength and courage, is a true testimony how one person, no matter the circumstance, can come back to regain their personal power. Visit: and see for yourself how this beautiful soul became an inspiration for so many people!

Always my Best! William Helton

Life Changing Class Offered:
UBU Today is having a 3 hour introduction to Biodynamic Breathwork May 5th – 10am. Introduction to Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release acts as a precursor to our 5 day all inclusive workshop. For info call 810-534-7172 or visit

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