Oakland County Residents FREE for – My Place – Center for Wellness


My Place- Center for Wellness is a non-profit, peer-run organization (“peer-run” meaning that the program is entirely staffed by persons with a mental health diagnosis). We offer a safe, supportive and normalizing environment for individuals labeled “mentally ill” within our communities. Especially those who are isolated in society, rejecting participation in traditional mental health programs, and to whom even sheltered employment settings are not meeting their needs.

My Place- Center for Wellness offers an atmosphere of acceptance where individuals feel needed and grow in their self-worth, dignity, and sense of belonging.

We provide Peer-delivered mental health recovery programs along with numerous recreational and social activities. Members, along with My Place staff, can assist each other in solving daily living problems and learn new skills that can help them recover from the more challenging aspects of their mental illnesses.

All of our services are free for any Oakland County adult who has a mental health diagnosis.

Michelle Bidigare, BBA CPSS
Executive Director
My Place – Center for Wellness


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