Put order into your life by changing your thoughts….


By Linda La Croix

   Sometimes, when I hear of the struggles people experience in their lives, I have already heard about someone else experiencing the same type of dynamics. 

  It puzzles me to know that while the players involved in each struggle are different, the challenges each faces have similar dynamics. It’s as if an unknown energy or order in life is causing us to have the same type of experiences. 

  Whenever we experience chaos or struggles in our lives, we tend to feel alone in the experience. We can easily believe our situations never happen to others or that they will never stop for us and go on endlessly. We might even ask the question, “Why me, God? Why is this happening to me?” In these times, I encourage you to change your order, tell the Universe that this is not my life, and order up what you do want. Visualize it!

  In living life as a spiritual journey, we are aware that God does not create our circumstances – we do. We do this through the thoughts and beliefs we hold in our conscious minds. We know that God is always good, but sometimes, even holding the faith of this truth is difficult for us. It’s almost as if our emotions are hard-wired to run the human experience until we find a counterbalance. 

  When you use your spiritual journey as your counterbalance, you look at your self-development. Our development comes through our conscious awareness. As you see what is happening in the world, ask yourself, “What part of this am I creating? Begin thinking about how you can change the way you think. Tell God, i.e., the Universe, Creator, Great Organized Designer, what you do want. 

  Our thoughts are things; they have energy and bring things to us. 

  We must remember this and keep good thoughts and intentions in our minds. So, even while you may be experiencing unpleasant things in your life, change your focus so you are only holding a vision of good in your consciousness. 

  See yourself after the chaos or struggle is over, being happy and filled with life. Hold the vision of yourself completely satisfied with your outcome in your mind’s eye. You can even choose to see yourself happier than you have ever been. You can also do this for your family, those with illness, pets, plants, our government, and the world. Holding a positive attention around any-thing changes the energy around that issue. (This is a free and easy way to make changes. I like free, I like easy!)

  After you have worked your way through times of struggle by using your own goodness within, you’ll find that you have learned from the experience. Your life will have a new order because you have worked yourself into a new understanding. You will be a stronger person for it and see your life change as it becomes aligned with your new order. We can learn how our own goodness is already within us in this reading: “Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” Genesis: 2-7(NIV);

  This is our good news! When we are under stress, worry, frustration, anger, concern, or just very busy, we can check in with our breath. If we remember to take deep breaths, we will refill ourselves with God’s energy. This means we will be letting go of shallow breaths and holding ourselves tight, creating more grief for ourselves. This practice will automatically put our bodies back into a sense of order that keeps us aligned with God’s energies.  

  Here is a little thought exercise you might find helpful when you want to change what’s going on in your life. FYI – this practice may not feel comfortable at first because we have lived in a time when compliments are rarely expressed. And negative attention seemed to be given the most attention. If you have noticed that, also note that the positive side of life has always existed. It’s inside ALL of us we. Find it and use it! Visualize a new order in your mind’s eye. That’s how change happens! 

  Begin by acknowledging your own good as being right there inside of you, waiting for you to express it. When your life began, God breathed life into you. With each breath, you breathe in God’s goodness. Breath = God in us. There is no time in our lives when God is not living, moving, and having His being active within us. It is okay for you to know your goodness, connect with your goodness, and let that goodness flow out to others. This is your divine goodness and how you align yourself with the Highest Order possible. 

  As you align yourself with this knowing, your life will take on a whole new order. Just change your thoughts and make it so!  

Many blessings,

Linda La Croix


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