Self Care for Yourself, Like a Beautiful Garden


Imagine your life as a garden. What is your garden like? Is it wonderful to walk through because it has been lovingly well-tended, with beautiful, flowing, easy, clear paths to walk through? Does your garden seem to glow with health and energy? If it is, great! Conversely, a poorly tended garden is full of weeds, dying plants, pitfalls and vines that catch you up. You have to work hard to walk through it, and it is unenjoyable. Or, it may even be barren. How does your garden grow?

With therapy, we look at how one tends and creates their garden — how you nurture and feed your garden and weed out what you do not want in your life, planting what you do want, how you fill the pitfalls and clear out the vines that get in your way, and how you process your soil in which your plants grow.

In the therapeutic process, I get the honor of assisting clients in learning to love and nurture themselves, to connect with and feed their heart and soul so they can experience life with a loving energy which permeates and changes every experience and perspective. As you start to value and connect with your true self and have the energy of appreciation and love towards yourself and others, your inner garden starts flourishing. Your heart starts growing, expanding. As you recognize and process your negative and traumatic experiences, you start to fill up the pitfalls with healthy soil in which to grow new, more positive experiences, and heal your broken and battered heart.

One way to approach inner heart and soul healing is by recognizing and healing negative or toxic thoughts. Toxic thoughts are — well — toxic. They are literally poison in our souls, our hearts, our very energy field. Just as toxins spread, poisoning everything they touch — so do toxic thoughts. Toxic or negative thoughts tend to transform whatever they touch into that lower vibration of negativity.

A toxic thought might even involve the idea that you are unlovable, unwanted, not good enough. This may include the belief that you cannot afford to take time off to relax, do your passion, meditate and find inner peace, or believing that you have to stay in a toxic relationship or job.

How about identifying negative thoughts and see if they are really true? Can you afford to take time to do something you are passionate about and increase your energy? Do you really have to stay in that job — or can you find a new one that you can be passionate about, do inner growth — one which is more in keeping with your heart and soul?

Look at how you take care of your inner and outer garden. See what you can do to nurture the awesome and divine person that you are so that you can live the life of joy, love, and peace that you are.


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