Signs and Synchronicity: Finding Everyday Magic and Messages in the Present


by Nikki Wisniewski

I love to walk. I regularly traverse a loop through my neighborhood, not only for exercise but for the time and space it provides to detach from routines and technology and connect with what is around me. It is often meditative. On one recent walk, I felt preoccupied with opportunities, new directions, potential relocations, and new partnerships. I struggled with whether these align with my life’s purpose. As I walked, I noticed a glint on the pavement. After nearly stepping on it, I bent over and picked it up. It was a shiny gold coin—which read, “together we do Spirit’sSpirit’s work.” There was my answer: I knew immediately it meant that this new direction, new connection, was a go!  

Signs and synchronicities are around us all the time. We don’t even have to ask! Spirit presents the guidance, often in multiple ways, to nudge us in new directions, affirm we are in alignment or remind us we are never alone! They come as anything that catches our attention — a cardinal landing on the branch just outside our window; seeing 3:33 on the clock, phone, and license plates; song lyrics that stand out; overhearing a passing comment from a total stranger.  

But if these signs are all around us, why do we often think, “I just need some kind of sign” or “Please, just give me a sign”? We do not recognize them! We may not understand the language, are so busy that we do not see what is right in front of us, or we’ve asked for a sign and missed it because it came in a different form than we expected. Sometimes, we notice something that stands out but wonder, “Was that a sign?” (Hint: Yes! It is!)

Recognizing signs can bring peace and comfort. One student of mine struggled with the loss of a loved one. Her sibling experienced dream visits, but she had not. She felt disconnected and rejected. Upon learning about different ways signs come to us, she realized that her loved one had been around her the whole time! One such sign was that her loved one’s favorite bird had been visiting the patio nearly daily and even showed up on her windowsill sometimes. It was so comforting that she was excited to look for more and engage intentionally through the signs.

Most of the signs I receive are not shiny gold coins that tell me I’m on the right path (though I love those magical moments). I learned a few reliable methods that helped me open and receive regular guidance and insight. I share these and more in my classes and coaching work and receive positive feedback about their effectiveness. Hopefully, they will benefit you too!

One method is the practice of becoming present. At first, I set reminders on my phone to go off throughout the day. When they did, I would take a moment to shift my focus, be present, and observe everything happening around me. I performed a quick check-in with all my senses and my gut. Sometimes, I only had a minute; other times, several minutes—either way, it worked. After a while, it became a habit, and that is when I noticed my ability to stay present, almost like some part of my awareness was keeping tabs on things and alerting me to unusual occurrences, patterns, and coincidences. Now, when I have times when I feel disconnected, I return to practicing these regular breaks throughout my day.

It is reassuring to get a sign and feel that connection and flow. Getting a message or guidance that provides clarity and direction is exciting. Learning to engage can bolster your receptivity and help life flow more smoothly, not to mention open, intuitive connections in other ways. Whether walking or simply pausing throughout your day, become present and find your everyday magic and messages!

If you’d like to share experiences and learn to engage with the signs and messages around you to demystify the magic, consider attending my upcoming class: “Signs & Synchronicities: Everyday Magic and Messages,” at Enlightened Soul Center and Shop, on Wednesday, July 27th at 6:30 pm. You can learn more and register at

About Nikki:

Nikki blends intuition, experience, and skill to mainstream the magic all around us, educating and guiding her students and clients to discover, access, and trust their natural gifts and abilities and live their best lives. She also writes and teaches extensively on topics ranging from divination techniques, dream analysis, and symbology to intentionality, intuition, and manifestation. Learn more at 


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