Living a life of Independence


By Roxanne Kuchciak

Who is fighting for your freedom? 

Let us take a moment to thank those who sacrifice themselves for our greater good, the Army, Navy, Marines, FBI, Police, Firemen, First Responders, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Governments, Leaders, Explorers, Mothers and Fathers, and all others. 

Are you truly free and independent? 

On some level, we believe this to be true. If we haven’t done something out of line to be arrested and put in jail, we are considered free. 

If you take this a little deeper and explore your beliefs, you might find ways you block your freedom and the most important choices available to you. You might be settling for your freedom but not truly living a free life. 

We are all 100% energy. How are you using energy, for or against you? 

Every belief you hold can make you a master or a slave of your life. Every belief can lead to you leading your life or you being in the backseat of your life with someone or something else leading your life for you. It all depends on the energy surrounding the thoughts, feelings, emotions, patterns, programs, stories, memories, and triggers that are fueling your beliefs. 

We hold beliefs in many ways. 

Beliefs we create in this lifetime we hold from our past lives, from our genetics, from the land, from group consciousness, and other people’s memories. For instance, if your father grew up with plenty of money and didn’t receive love or feel loved. Then your mother grew up with plenty of love but not enough money. This would be an example of opposites attract. You have been born with both sets of genetic programming. Having plenty of money and not enough money, having plenty of love, and not enough love. You can hold: I am loved, and I am not loved at the same time, which is called a dual belief system. That’s why at times, life can feel like a roller coaster. These beliefs can work both for and against you depending on what polarity you are functioning from.

You can hold these beliefs consciously from learning how to behave from society, teachers, and your family or subconsciously where you are unaware of the beliefs holding you hostage, blocked and stuck.

In this day and age, we are more dependent on others than we realize.

As babies, we depend on our parents to raise us. When we are of age, we depend on someone to find us worthy enough to hire us. Most people hope and depend on finding a partner/ mate for this life.

– Do you need to be loved or choose to be loved? 

– Do you need to have everything or choose to create a great life?

Once these incongruent thoughts, feelings, emotions, patterns, programs, and stories are identified and cleared, you take charge of your life. The possibilities and opportunities are endless. It’s as if you are no longer doing your life but have become your life. 

That is true Independence. 

Roxanne Kuchciak

I’m Roxanne Kuchciak. I’m an Empowerment Coach. I help clients get through fears and become unstoppable. With over 20,000 personal consultations, I’ve helped clients all over the globe to get rid of their limitations and create a life they always knew was possible.


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