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How do I Stay Peaceful in the CRAZY?

How do I Stay Peaceful in the CRAZY?

You may be asking right now as we move into 2017:

“How do I handle all the emotional intensity that is happening in my life, politics, family etc…?” “How do I stay peaceful when the world is going crazy?”

Seeing human life as a spiritual mission re-frames the very thing we call “bad” (pain, challenging events,) as “fertilizer” to growth. What doesn’t grow in nature dies. If humans don’t grow psychologically and spiritually, they will feel dead inside. Suffering comes from holding back the qualities of Creation that want to emerge through you. (Fear births faith, grief births joy, hate births compassion, boredom births creativity)

“Don’t look for your dreams to become true, look to become true to your dreams”
~ Dr. Michael Beckwith

Look at emotions as energy. When you feel something other than peace, reach for soothing energy. This is not the time to try to figure out why you are feeling the way you do. This approach never works. Insight comes from conscious surrender. Also, don’t make decisions or speak when you feel the charge of emotion. Examples of soothing energy: kind thoughts toward oneself, a few minutes walk, deep breaths. Say to the emotion, “I love you-Thank You.” (From Dr. Hew Len~ho’oponopono)

Break the victim archetype. Stop giving your power over to conditions, people or politics. Be willing to see your life from a Soul level. Decide that you are going to be 100% responsible for your happiness. No one or thing has the power to “make you” feel a certain way. Your maker has already made you. Yield to the brilliance, beauty and love that is truly you.

“If we decide that the universe is neither friendly nor unfriendly…. we are simply victims to the random toss of the dice and our lives have no real purpose or meaning.”
~Albert Einstein

See emotion as a gift. Love is not an emotion, it is a state of being. When you are feeling something other than Love your thoughts and beliefs are out of alignment. You have forgotten the power within you to shift your perception. There is always good to be seen IF you are willing to see it. Every emotional charge is an opportunity to become more Love.

Balance personal responsibility for your happiness with radical self-acceptance. Life is messy. It’s meant to be. You are not your crazy thoughts. It is humble to accept that no thought, belief or action can change what creation made you to be. It is humble to accept that you and all people are magnificent. Don’t confuse your intentions to “take control over your happiness” as not letting yourself feel.

Everyone has the potential to be amazing. Let people have their experience. Ask yourself, “Who am I to know what Life/God has planned for them?” IF you feel trapped in a relationship or in your life, it is because YOU are trying to control others or conditions. Take control over yourself. It is not the other person or condition that is causing you to feel bad, it is the part of YOU that is triggered when you are around them. No person can be the source of your pain or joy….God is your Source.
Love all parts of yourself and you will continue to spontaneously realize that you are greater than your current self-definition.

Humans incarnate to grow and reveal more God through their living.

The following story demonstrates how your inner work effects your family, community and environment.
Cary felt hopeless to help her mom and sisters. She was able to access the limiting belief as I invited her to give full conscious space to the feelings. (She did this by NOT asking “why the pain was there” or “why me?” questions.). Cary had a core belief she could not be herself and be loved. Life kept on mirroring this belief for 50 years.

In mentoring sessions, she moved through the pain and became more available to the good Life was seeking to give her.

As Cary saw the limiting belief and broke the victim archetype, she “ran into” a woman who hosted a woman’s group. Cary felt a sense of belonging and love she had never felt in the many groups she had been in. She was also able to let her family have their journey and consequently felt freer to love her family.

In later sessions, Cary shifted a limiting belief that an open heart makes a person weak and vulnerable. The day Cary shifted this belief her ninety-year-old mother began to hug her for the first time in 50 years! Cary realized an open heart means bringing all parts of herself forward. (What we defend against we attract. The ways we protect will always give the opposite of what they promise.)

Thank you for doing your inner work. It is how you heal the world. Are you ready for incredible growth? Go to: www.BarbraWhite.com for more information on the, “Self-Acceptance Process Certification Course.”


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