The Road to Higher Consciousness


Self-understanding changes with time, and so too does the depths of understanding human consciousness. G. Esco Davis

On my journey to wholehearted living and higher consciousness, I came across in my files a quiz on approaching life with an open heart to self-understanding and opening doors to higher consciousness. Here are seven statements/questions that identify higher consciousness. Take a few minutes and ponder your answers. Be present of your responses on the road for higher consciousness.

If you think you are too small to make a difference, have you never been in a tent or a dark room late at night with a fly sharing the space?

Stop searching for your passion and purpose, and let life lead you to it.

There are many different ways how we learn — our individual levels of personal growth. As humans, we grow and develop as our years advance. Through life experiences, we may learn quickly, we may learn slowly, or we may not learn from life lessons. If you don’t learn the lesson(s), you are sure to repeat it until it is learned fully.

One of the greatest things in life is to love and receive love in return, even if it is heartbreaking.

Knowing that hummingbirds, the small red ant, the lone willow-tree, the ocean and our fellow men and women, all have equal beauty and value to balance the universe.

Cultivating your uniqueness, let go of comparisons, let go of the need for certainty, let go of the fear to live-fully, let go of the fear of loving, let go of perfectionism, let go of what people might think of you, and, let go of people that don’t matter, and things that don’t matter.

Learning is a lifetime journey; a journey filled with bits of gold and dust. Each and every human can make a difference, big or small.

We all make a difference in this world we call, home. The difference is based on the level of consciousness you currently hold. This New Year, make a conscious effort to expand to a higher consciousness in your life experiences; try something new, travel to the place you have dreamed of, take a class, join a group. Work on elevating your higher consciousness.

These are just a few higher consciousness insights and golden nuggets for greater self-understanding. Write down what life lessons have helped open your eyes to higher consciousness. You may use these examples to help you along your way. And, from time to time, look at your list and add to it.


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