What is Shiva Murti?


As 2019 winds down, I’m anxiously looking forward to a dynamic year in 2020. I’d like to share some exciting changes that are happening with my business, “Healing Methods” — one in particular, that has the potential to shift the entire landscape of energy medicine in Michigan, and across the country.

As Reiki Master/Teachers, my husband, Mike, and I have been focused on a healing path for many years, always seeking different modalities to widen the scope of our healing capabilities. I continue to offer Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Guidance and Reiki sessions from my office in Troy. My husband has spent the majority of this past year studying Reflexology, and will soon be providing this service through Healing Methods as well.

Additionally, in 2019, Mike and I became trained in the healing art of Shiva Murti, a form of energy healing which originated in Bali, Indonesia. It’s relatively new to our country, and not practiced by anyone else in the state of Michigan. Having recently graduated from the Shiva Murti Healing Academy in Los Angeles, California, we are part of an elite group in the USA of 35 individuals who have been trained in this modality, and the vast majority of them are located in the LA area.

We learned about Shiva Murti from a documentary on Gaia television entitled, “6th Floor: Expanding Possibility”. Candace Silvers, a Human Behavioral Expert and owner of a lifestyle coaching firm in Los Angeles, spent many years traveling the world, exploring the lesser-known ancient energy healing methods. During that time, Ms. Silvers became trained to practice, and then teach, Shiva Murti by Master Teacher, Dr. Ratu Nabe, in Bali, and has been offering healings in the LA area for several years now. In 2016, Ms. Silvers founded the Shiva Murti Healing Academy, which is the first of its kind in America.

Our class — the second group to graduate from the Academy — will continue our studies in a Balinese Hospital with Dr. Ratu Nabe when we travel to Indonesia in early 2020. Upon our return, we will be excited to offer this powerful healing modality at our Troy office. Meanwhile, we are strengthening our skills by working on family and close friends. We have personally witnessed patients who, after being treated, are now testing NED (No Evidence of Disease) from various strains of cancer as well as those who have experienced full healings following life-altering injuries.

The western world is only beginning to understand the benefits of energy medicine. As these modalities are closely studied, and physiological changes are being documented using mainstream diagnostic testing, treatment options are expanding for those in need of healing.

Our teacher, Candace Silvers, says, “The same way that every home has a computer, every home should also have a healer”. I couldn’t agree more! In addition to offering healings, my husband, Mike, and I hope to inspire more healers to consider becoming trained and initiated into the healing art of Shiva Murti.

I’ll be updating our progress within my website, www.HealingMethods.org and on the Healing Methods LLC Facebook page. Happy holidays and many blessings to each and every one of you! Namaste’.


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