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We are fortunate that The Body Mind Spirit Guide has such a fine astrologer in Aluna Michaels. I almost always find her Spiritual Horoscopes to be helpful. The January Horoscope was especially helpful in pointing out Mars Retrograde for us which is bringing up lots of old issues that need to be resolved so we can ascend to our truer nature. Taking her advice on finding a way to be even more effective, reduce stress and worry, stop pushing too hard and be gentle and forgiving…I believe I have found the perfect tool!

One of the graduate assistants for my classes reminded me of something that I had taught her many years ago, but which I had really not been accessing for quite some time and never at the deeper level I have discovered now. I’d like to share that same truth with you because I will be forever grateful to her for reminding me of it just when it would be especially useful.

Most of us on the planet (apparently about 90%) in a much earlier incarnation were angels. So there is a very strong likelihood that everyone reading this article is a part of that group. Many years ago, when I was still in my 20s, my mentor and spiritual mother told me that my angel was still here with me. I was so relieved to realize that, because, like many people who were angels I grieved for that state of innocence, unconditional love and unity with God that I remember from that earlier time.

An angel is a direct servant of God. Like a finger on God’s own hand, it does exactly what God wills for it to do. When we incarnate into human form we take on the responsibility for our actions and choices which often don’t include consideration of what God wants and quite frequently bring challenges and stress into our lives. Being human though, allows us to develop the soul that will allow God to self-actualize in a much more complex way than the angelic experience can. So combining our angel self with our human self, we have both human complexity and angelic unconditional love and unity with God. Accessing and incorporating our angel into our lives is a big and comforting step in our ascension to a higher state of being.

Whether or not you have longed for your angel self or even thought you might have been one, accessing your inner angel will bring comfort, unconditional love and an awareness of God within you. It will help you to release old hurts and baggage much more easily and bring peace to those places within which are anxious or self-defeating. Your angel wings will cushion you in love so that you don’t take on negativity from others or give your power away as easily. You may learn to more effectively align your personal will with God’s will so you can partner with God more fully.

The most amazing thing about angels is their wings! Each feather is like a hand that can work independently of each other feather. It is great for multitasking! An angel’s wing carries the absolute awareness of God’s presence and brings unconditional love to whatever it touches. I would like to help you find your angel wings! Just follow the directions below:

1. Breathe into your heart chakra in the middle of your chest and go deep within to your still place. You will find it as you near your spine where you will feel calm and open. This is the place within where you know the truth, although you don’t know how you know. I call this your Inner Wisdom.

2. Resting in your inner wisdom, ask for and then allow your inner wisdom to call forth your angel self. Notice the sense of wings that begin to expand out from your shoulder blades. Explore them and the loving energy they radiate.

3. From within your inner wisdom where you know how, invite your angel wings to wrap around your whole body-aura. Relax into that for a while and experience it.

4. Wherever you feel discomfort in body, mind, emotions or spirit ask the feathers to touch that place and hold it in their perfect love. These places are where you have not been able to love yourself or to receive God’s love. The angel’s love will soak in gradually like water on hard, dry soil. Give it time and invite God into those places within your soul. As the love comes in and you learn to receive it and carry it for yourself, the discomfort and blocks will begin to release and you will heal. The more love you let in, the more you will let go of old baggage.

5. Do this exercise before bed and sleep with the angel wings wrapped around you all night. This trains your deep unconscious self, including your body and cellular memory to hold love and let go of hurt.

6. In the morning, before you get out of bed, thank the angel within you for holding your angel wings around you during the day so that you are protected and can meet the day and all it brings you with greater love and inner balance.

7. When you have tough choices or challenging situations, immerse yourself in the presence of the angel until you find the clarity to move ahead. When you feel hurt or afraid, do the same. Over time you will get used to the angel and you will have to center and focus to feel its presence, but it will still be there. Like the angel that you have always been in your deepest self, you will be partnering with God a little more each day.

Eve Wilson


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