Your Earth Sign – Finding True Balance in Your Life


While your Sun Sign represents your creativity, your Earth Sign represents the field or type of service (the grounding of the soul on this material plane) that your soul will guide you towards in this life, if you allow it. We may be drawn to healing; we may have a desire to use our resources to help those less fortunate; or we may wish to be involved in animal rescue or environmental causes. There are many ways to serve on this planet, and the Sun’s energies provide us with the energy and vitality to do this. The Earth shows us where we can find our Spiritual Path and what form this can take. This is not to limit us, but to help us express our divine potential more fully.

When we center ourselves in our Sun Sign and then walk the Spiritual Path represented by our opposite Earth Sign, we can find true balance in our lives. Once you find your Sun Sign from the table below, you will find your Earth Sign opposite.

Earth Sign – Sun Sign

Aries – Libra
Taurus – Scorpio
Gemini – Sagittarius
Cancer – Capricorn
Leo – Aquarius
Virgo – Pisces
Libra – Aries
Scorpio – Taurus
Sagittarius – Gemini
Capricorn – Cancer
Aquarius – Leo
Pisces – Virgo

The Secret of Using Your Earth Sign Power

The secret of using the power of your Earth Sign is to become aware of these “Earth energies” within you and then manifest these as positively as possible. Since the Sun and Earth are opposite each other, you may always feel this pull, as if your life is somewhat of a balancing act.

Life is indeed a balancing act; but astrology as well as spiritual disciplines can help us to achieve true balance. Using astrological understanding, first center yourself in the positive attributes of your Sun Sign (refer to my book, Superstar Signs, or another good astrology book on the Sun Signs) and from there, draw and use the power of your Earth Sign and the power of the other planets to achieve harmony.

For example, if you have the Sun in sensitive, cautious Cancer, express this side of yourself through a group, family, or friends, but don’t neglect to use the great power of your Earth in the opposite sign of ambitious Capricorn. Be ambitious to achieve, strive, and reach your personal and spiritual goals and you will be consciously using more of your divine potential.

Since the Sun is now in Libra as this issue of Body Mind Spirit Guide is published –- and since this issue is about balance and harmony, the positive attributes of Libra, I shall say a few words about this combination of Sun in Libra and Earth in Aries below. For in-depth analyses of all the Sun Sign/Earth Sign combinations, please refer to my new book, Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet – Reconnecting to Her Sacred Power, Dodona Books, 2018.

Earth in Aries/Sun in Libra

When a person is drawing upon and using the potential of their Aries Earth, he will courageously fly high and go where no one has been before. This person, not content just with the discussions and social contacts enjoyed by his Sun in Libra, also likes to work hard and achieve. He enjoys the thrill of the unknown; and, when he reaches his destination, another trail lies before him waiting to blaze. Always seeking distant pastures newly, never content, never resting on laurels, and knowing the only place for him is out in front.

Out in front is a lonely place and this can be especially true for the Earth Sign Aries. With their Sun in Libra, they like to spend time around and with people, enjoying social engagements, and seeking peace and harmony rather than trail blazing. While this is important for Earth in Aries, if they become too embroiled in the thoughts and ideas of others, they can lose their keen focus and intelligent perspective.

This combination is all about achieving balance. This person is learning who they are at a deep level; they are learning when to assert themselves; and when to resolve conflict and work in a team. If this balance isn’t achieved, there will always be a certain tension that may eventually manifest in the physical body. These are individuals who need to learn to relax, to socialize, to listen and share with others, while never losing their own unique focus.


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