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Earth Mother Speaks:

Earth Mother Speaks:

Let me love you and speak to you. You are scared at times because you forget your intrinsic connections. I am your blood. I am your bones. Literally. Your science has shown, only 2% of your body is genetic material from your parents, the rest of you…comes from me. We are truly one.

We are always together. I am supporting your every step.

I am constantly pulling and urging you towards life. I guide the common weed to go towards light, growth, expansion, and sun. Why would I not guide you towards similar goals?

I am here. I am with you. Put your bare feet on me, or hug one of my Tree People. Let yourself be loved.

Breath and connect. Do this for only a few minutes, and the connections that are always there will awaken in your nervous system and energy systems.

You are nature. You are made of nature. As you let yourself sink, relax, and rest into these connections, you will feel held, peaceful, and quieter inside.

Do you want to feel more peace? Then stop looking for your TV, other people, or a complex activity to give you peace.

I am right here. I am the dirt outside your door. I am the birds and bushes near your car. Allow yourself to connect. Connection is the key to happiness and peace.

I re-establish a grounded, calm state within you. I want to support you and love you. As you connect to me, I can guide you towards serving life. Life wants to promote life. My Tree People naturally lean towards the light; all my animal babies naturally fight for breath when suppressed.

My life wants to be known through you, and flourish as you. Stop denying the nourishment I can give you. Stop thinking it needs to be something complicated to feel better. I am right here.

Animal Angels, Plant Beings, Water People, all want to connect, love, and support you. The consciousness of my many Beings is real. They are not mad that some humans continue to abuse, take for granted, and disrespect them. They only have love for you.

Two hundred of my animal babies go extinct daily. Your connection to me not only helps you but tremendously helps me. When a connection happens, healing can happen.

Connection is scary for most humans. Disconnected from nature and more connected to screens and machines, humans don’t know how to trust their natural state.

Trusting that being you is enough comes through connection. Roses never stop being a rose. Crows would never apologize for being “too much.” But you humans, have shame for being yourselves!! This is because you are disconnected, and NOT because there is anything wrong with you.

You are made literally from my minerals and waters. You are magically made.

You panic when your machines and phones flash “not connected.” You know this disconnection keeps all the programs and functions from working. Like your machines, you cannot do all the amazing things you are designed for when you are disconnected. Your depression and pain are the flashing warning signs of “not connected.” There is nothing missing within yourself; you have just become disconnected.

The more humans that courageously connect to me, an emergent synergy can happen. Weaving your awareness with me, a solution can be found to my wounds and yours! My ocean water beings need your awareness and connection. We need each other.

When you connect, you feel better? For example, when you allow yourself to connect to your pets, you feel better? Why not feel that connection all day? It is available at all times. Even in your cities, my mountain air moves.

Trauma, depression, addiction is disconnection. Connection is the way out of these complicated maladies. However, it is not complicated. Connect your feet into my grasses. It is not your imagination that my bird beings are singing to you. They are. You are deeply, utterly, and fully loved. Allow the gifts of my body and animal babies to nourish your body. Give thanks for the food you have been given. Connect to the life of the animal baby or plant being you consume. Stop taking it for granted. Your respect and gratitude will heal your depression AND help both of us.

When you allow me to speak to you, you will have no problem speaking up for yourself, and truth. Illness is from not living your truth. It will no longer be so scary to speak up for yourself, express your unique gifts, and be yourself… when you feel connected. Allow yourself to feel connected to the presence of a large tree or the flowing grace of a stream, and life will naturally call you forward into greater vitality and joy.

Reconnection to the beauty, wonder, and gift of life is possible right now and allow Barbra White to help be your guide. Mother Bear Sanctuary.com: Shamanic Journey Sessions, Medicine Walks, and Animal Communication.


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