Get A Fresh Start. Your Dreams Are Possible


Decide to become better, instead of bitter. Be a spiritual warrior today. Make the decision that everything in your past happened to make you better. When a bone breaks it heals back stronger.

In the ways you have fallen short, you can come back even stronger. It is easier to act your way into a new way of thinking, instead of thinking your way into a new way of acting. Act now.

Inner “Shadows” are spaces in your life, you believe, that by extending love, you will not get your needs met. This belief proves itself right by causing you to shut down, or act needy, mean and manipulative.

Choose the high road.

Consistently act loving — but not to manipulate an outcome or gain approval. Giving love with the intent to feel love as you, you will realize your true nature, and all your needs will organically be met.

Recently my client who had been told from doctors that it was NOT possible to get pregnant…got pregnant. Doctors said that because she had received chemo and radiation, pregnancy was absolutely 110% impossible.

I watched today as a man lifted 500 pounds of weight in a shoulder press! Yesterday, I observed a dog that had just gotten his front leg amputated, run across the courtyard.

What did the woman, the weightlifter, and the dog have in common? At some point, they must’ve opened to the possibility that there was another option.

Open to possibility
Fall in love with uncertainty
It is where miracles are born

Yes, it is easier to be cynical and hate, than practicing the daily discipline of opening to possibilities.

Yes, it is easier in the moment to keep on believing your limitations.
However, one choice leads to depression, the other to happiness.

Begin again
Today is a new day
It is possible


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