Give Yourself Permission to Shine


Give yourself permission to be great. This sounds like a Hallmark card, I know. But it is not. See, you can’t change what the Infinite Divine made you to be. No past event, stupid words, or trauma changes the brilliance, strength, and power you have been made to be. Humility is knowing you are not your own Creator. Don’t be a pious church mouse. Your playing small, or feeling bad, does nothing for those in suffering.

Here’s a process I do with my clients that is truly life changing that I will gift to you here:
Say: “I give myself permission to feel strong.”

Let yourself breathe into this quality. Ask yourself, “What does strength feel like in my feet, legs, back, etc.?”

FEEL this quality,

DON’T try to mentally create it.

This quality is already there. Already in you.

You don’t have to “make” it. You are already Divinely made.


GIVE it permission to EXPRESS.

Do this daily process with other qualities such as:

Intelligence | Compassion | Beauty | Creativity

Many of you know I’ve been spiritually guiding people for 15 years. I promise you. If you do this process daily for even one week, you will see yourself showing up differently.

As you turn-up the frequency within yourself, parts of yourself may come to the surface to be loved. So if you do the above process and anger, fear, etc. or limiting beliefs arise, feel them without adding story. There are no negative emotions. FEEL them and let them move through. Did you know, it’s only when you add a story or limiting beliefs that painful emotions stick around?

Earth, and our community, is in great pain; isn’t it time to step up and out as the best version of yourself? It is never too late.

Contact me if you would like to be mentored into your innate brilliance. 734-455-1438. If you are willing to grow, you can, and will, get incredible life changing results. Visit:

“When you know who you are (in Christ/God), you feel a bit cocky. It’s ok to be confident. Be cocky, humble and grateful” Master Kim from Sun Shen


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