Harmonize the Frequencies:


My curiosity for disharmony in the BODY leads me down so many paths ONLY to meet at the origin of emotion. Here it seems that emotions play the architect behind the physical manifestation of acute to chronic discomfort in the BODY.

The three levels: Spirit Mind Body carefully construct a synchronized well-played symphony to act out all expressions/lessons. From thought to manifestation. ONE is the other. For a single frequency can not separate only expand into neighboring dimensions. Light density (thought) to condensed energy (matter), whereby the Soul (consciousness) provides animated power to both influential bodies of the ONE singularity.

Begin to think outside of flesh. By doing so ONE may begin to innerstand the complexity of how this virtual matrix is played and preyed, upon.

Have fun and do not get all caught up in your emotions. They can be the fire starters that either can HEAL or HURT.

Always my Best!

Mind Body Nutrition Coach
William Helton


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