Having an Open Heart


The big red heart of Valentine’s Day speaks volumes about love, both human and spiritual. Romantic, passionate love opens our hearts naturally and makes us so happy! But an open heart is essential in so many ways for thriving in life, though sometimes having an open heart can be a challenge. Let’s explore why it is so important and how we can maintain it.

When we talk about an open heart, we are actually referring to a spiritual organ called the heart chakra. I love that even cultures who know nothing about chakras, know that love is a heart thing. The heart chakra is an almost magical organ that reaches beyond the individual ego life and connects us with what is beyond…other people, life forms, and even God (by whatever name you call that One). It is through an open heart chakra that we receive love, give love, communicate telepathically, release pain and suffering, receive healing, grow spiritually, allow our Higher Self and Higher Intelligence to express through us and so much more.

But whenever we experience negativity or suffering, our heart is inclined to close. It withdraws from our unity with Higher Intelligence and love; it shuts the door on the release of suffering and we find ourselves in a state of limitation and misery. This is the root of anger and depression, it is an expression of fear and it is not a place we want to live. Opening the heart chakra in these situations is an act of willful choice. It is a choice to love and to trust in the greater good. It is a willingness to accept what is and believe in something better. And when we open our hearts, the unconditional love of the One begins to transform our situations. The heart chakra is the transformer, and when it is open to the One miracles happen, God can act in the world. This is the magic we hold in our hearts!

I have watched this magic happen thousands of times during my work as a healer and teacher. Helping people choose to break down the walls that separate them from unity and love is the nature of my work, and I love it.

People begin building walls from the first time they are hurt emotionally, mentally or physically, and so throughout our lives, these walls may grow unless we open our hearts and allow them to dissolve. An open heart is an act of forgiveness, and I always believe that forgiveness is the height of enlightened self-interest! It sets us free and allows us to thrive. It doesn’t matter whether or not something deserves forgiveness; forgiveness is like oxygen, you can’t really live without it. Not forgiving is like holding your breath and slowly suffocating!

Every hurt requires forgiveness because otherwise we can hold onto the pain and it can be a brick in the wall that restricts our hearts. Pain is an attention-getter! So whenever you experience it, try loving the hurt part, and then meditating on what you can learn from the experience. What is your unconscious or higher consciousness trying to get through your head? Open your heart, embrace the pain, love yourself and discover the gift that pain is bringing you.

I am reminded of when my very young daughter walked into the dining room table. Crying she complained, “Mommy, the table hit me!” I tried to explain that she hit the table, but she wasn’t having it. Our unconscious self’s first response to pain is to blame someone! But try giving thanks and seeking the gift within it. Your own Higher Self has a gift hidden within every experience of your life. You on a higher level propelled your human self into that “table” for a very good reason! Discover what it is by comforting yourself and opening your heart. Then the pain and suffering have done their job so you can move on from that painful experience and begin the greater adventures ahead of you.

When your heart is open, all things can go more smoothly. I am not talking about being naively open or making yourself unnecessarily vulnerable. I am talking about having your heart open to your Higher Self and the One and allowing their love to move through your life, making sense and beauty out of all your opportunities. This will help you succeed, thrive, and enjoy the love that is innate within you. Living this way is what I call HOME, and it is right within you when your heart is open.

An open heart relaxes your mind, releases tension, and stops the circular thinking that we can get stuck within. It attracts good opportunities and inspires kindness from others while it makes you feel satisfied and whole.


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