A Whole New Life Is Waiting for YOU, In 2013


IT’S calling…it’s singing to you…Feel it? Listen…LISTEN CLOSER…oh…it’s there. Listen with your ear behind the ear, and you hear the shouting silence of Love! You CALL to It as It calls to you! Scream into the wind of plenitude and it spontaneously boomerangs a banshee’s love cry.
You put more effort into choosing your clothes or what to eat for lunch, than your Soul’s calling. Creation is supporting you to live your dream and fly. You have forgotten your greatness because you give it no attention. How would your life be if you told yourself, “I can be excellent. I am excellent!” You have become a tourist in your own life. Participate fully now, BE your best self now and you will have your best life. “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.” ~Buddha~

You are so supported yet you race past where Angels can support you. Ambi-tion means to go in two directions. You are fighting to get somewhere, but even when you ‘get there’, you don’t even realize you have arrived. You are in such a rush that even when you ‘arrive’ you have already moved into the future. “And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time.” ~ Little Gidding. T. S. Eliot~

Know your preciousness now and choose to shine, and ‘there’ becomes ‘here’. If you are trying to get ‘there’ you never will, because there IS here. In other words, don’t wait, give yourself permission to shine and know you are lovable now.

Death…Life…immediately felt in the warrior’s courage to let go. Let go of your limiting thoughts about yourself. This month you must experience within a death before you can have the birth. The old is trying to fall away but you grip on to it trying to ‘keep things together’. Fall apart and you will reveal the diamond within. Stop fighting to keep your old life and ways; it is time to live a new life. You only regret the past because you are not fully living in the present.

Humanity and divinity felt as one in your propelling surrender. LOOK! Look closer! See the impossible, right NOW. Yield to this field of infinitude. Open, melt, and let go to its flavor.

With the end of the Mayan calendar and the end of the New Year, you are being given a whole new life. Are you going to carry the old coffins of the past into your new life? An amazing life is waiting for you, if you let go. Know the Love you are, that is independent of a condition or another’s opinion. Know your lovability and embrace the precious spirit you are, right now. God has given fully of Itself as You. Honor and respect yourself because until you do, no one else will.

Surrendering AND Leaping within seems paradoxical. Oh, but no friend, such is the delicious duality of LIFE. Surrendering to the YOU that has always been, requires you to LEAP into open arms of the DIVINE. RE-give yourself to the infinite right NOW! God is Love…YOU are that Love. As you reach for IT, It wraps It’s arms around your wrists, waist and heart.

Surrender…Acceptance…Feeling your emotions…a warrior’s heart is required. The you that you know yourself to be will want to hold on to your current perceptions of self. We all are addicted to our limitations!

Most people’s drug of choice? APATHY…the switch turned off…the fertilizer to your Soul’s growth (feeling with non-judgment) is lost. Life or another person has not betrayed you. YOU have betrayed yourself by giving up on yourself. People and life can hurt, but there is NO greater hurt than giving up on yourself. Believe in yourself, because as you do, you believe in God. Believing in yourself means to love yourself, and honor the magnificent Soul you have already been given. If you don’t honor what you already have, how can you honor God?

Feel fear with non-reaction and you WILL come into a greater realization of your Divinity, such is the alchemy of Self Acceptance. Give yourself full permission to feel JOY and your constant search for something to fill you, will release. YOU can give yourself this freedom. Your ego does not want you to feel any emotion fully, positive or negative; it seeks to keep you separate from Love.

YOU CAN feel ONE if you are willing to LOVE your humanity, admit your feelings, and embrace growth! You go through cycles of growth every 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years and 12 years. You are meant to make mistakes and not have all the answers. If you are willing, you can personally grow until the day you die. Embrace personal growth for the rest of your life and you will no longer fall into pits of shame, depression, or regret. All of your life events seek to show you your divinity. Simply be willing to see the good in what life is bringing, and you will realize life or God, has always been there for you. Ask yourself, “What is seeking to emerge through me, from this issue?” Through using this question the rest of your life, you will allow a new you and a new life to be born. Allow the process of Love to melt you into a greater YOU. “A nomad I will remain for life, in love with distant and uncharted places.” ~ Isabelle Eberhardt ~

Extend open in active excitement for what IS rushing IN to Love you, jumping into Love right where you already Are! Leap into the beauty that is bursting within! Swelling with joy, you immerse yourself into the field of joy that is constantly working on your behalf. OH, the sweet power of Surrender.

Please come in for a one-on-one session and reading. Allow me to be the voice of your Spirit and Angels, and love you, into a greater you.



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