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Do You Really Love Yourself?

Do You Really Love Yourself?

By Phil Rosenbalm

       Jack Canfield, psychologist and author tells a poignant story about loving oneself. He said he would stand in front of a mirror in the evening and tell himself all the positive things he did that day to increase his self-esteem and better love himself. He might say, “I’m proud of you for helping a certain person,” or “I like how you told your son you loved him,” etc. He would always end the session by saying, “…and Jack, I really love you.” 

       After doing this exercise for a few months, he stated that one day he felt the same toward himself as he did when he had a crush on a young lady in high school. He felt uncomfortable about having this feeling, and he told his wife, who was also a therapist, about it. She said, “Jack, that’s how you’re supposed to feel about yourself. You’re supposed to love yourself that much.” Do you love yourself that much? How important is it to love yourself?

       There is a statement in the New Testament which is attributed to Jesus Christ. It reads

 “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself.” Implied in this statement is that we must love ourselves. Imagine what your life would be like if you really did love yourself. If you loved yourself, you would never hurt yourself. You would not take drugs, indulge in alcohol, smoke, overeat, etc. You would not judge yourself too harshly if you made a mistake, and you would stop criticizing yourself. Imagine how confident you would be if you felt that kind of love for yourself. In addition, you would more likely forgive others for any hurts they inflicted upon you. Forgiving others helps you more than the other person. There is the famous line about not forgiving: you are drinking the poison and hoping the other person will die. If you loved yourself, you would be able to forgive others. 

       So many problems in life come from people believing they are not good enough. This would not be an issue if you truly loved yourself. You would know, without a doubt, that you are worthwhile and valuable. But, it is not always easy to love yourself. All of us received a lot of negative messages while we were growing up. Unfortunately, these messages are now part of our subconscious beliefs; even worse, we are usually unaware of them. Getting in touch with these subconscious beliefs and then eliminating them can be a great help in getting you to love yourself. 

   The famous psychologist and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer said to his daughter and others, “Don’t die with your music still in you.” Are you living the life you were born to live?

If you are not living the life you truly want, perhaps you need to love yourself more.

       Hypnotherapy is one effective method for helping you to accomplish this. If you want to learn more about hypnotherapy or experience a hypnosis session, please call Phillip Rosenbaum at 248-688-6469. A few sessions can make a huge difference in how you feel.


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