My trip to Brazil to find out who is this man they call John of God:


Who is JOG and who gave him the name? It is said “the people” gave him this name. He reluctantly did not want to be responsible for such a name. His name is João. He often states, “he does no healing, it is God who works through him”. He can best be described as an Energy Healer who works in a trance medium state. I have met plenty who share a similar gift in the past decade, but his gift of physically healing stands alone. One must come to Brazil and visit the Casa for a first hand experience this sacred space and the Entities who work through JOG.

João had been given the gift to heal rather than just being a conduit for information to come through. He can do both. But, healing is his forte. He bleeds like any other human. He desires things that men do in his culture. He doesn’t act like a saint, nor does he put on a show to do so. He has bad days as well as good days, as people do. I went to understand the man, not the myth.

This article was inspired when I observed a picture of João getting his own physical surgery by the Entities through himself. The surgery was recommended by the Entities for João living beyond what is necessary for a body to be healthy. João, like any other man, must also face his fallibility. I believe it is grossly misunderstood about being human for many people, globally. The public at large often believe those whom hold a certain professional position such as a judge, pastor, policeman, doctor, teacher, etc.. have to be without flaws. And then when the people hear something that proves them fallible like the rest of the community-oh no! Get rid of them! Consequences have a certain frequency vibration that can only be neutralized by what I call “contrast action”. Everyone is liable to inherit or rediscover them. It is written within all lifetimes. Life is filled with challenges that allow us to make them right. And I came to Brazil to just that.

João has been presented with a gift that ten years from now, I feel, will be the norm- standby to witness. Energy healing is not new. Now, through the likes of social media and the rise in mass consciousness, more than ever healing modalities are surfacing around the world. This is such a monumental time right now. I love the fact that we, as a collective, are experiencing this together. There is beauty in chaos. Be patient.

João is not God. He is an expression of God. Just as I feel we all are. No man can run from his own experiences, good or bad. Regardless of the benevolent beings coming through the one in question. His gift to humanity is real and so is his fallibility. Then again, is he not a man?

The fourteen days I spent in Abadiania, Brazil I felt this energetic vortex of healing & love that left me with a feeling of sweet serenity. As if all that had bothered me has now been mentally erased. Not in a destructive controlling aspect but more so in a healing way. No more does the past aggravate my intentions about the future. It is though I am leaving fully in the present. And for that “I am” forever grateful.

For information visiting Brazil to see John of God, or to receive long distance healing contact Cecilia Zigher. The picture attached is of me and Cecilia my tour guide. She’s a guide and had worked at the Casa. She is familiar with everything to know about the Casa. She is who personally made my trip what it came to be. Having such a loving passionate guide will lay the foundation to a wonderful experience.

Cecilia Zigher

Man is mortal with an infinite SOUL .. JOGBRAZIL2018

Always my Best! Bill Helton


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