Someday is Now


December can be a very powerful month for reflection, growth and trans-formative change. It’s a time when we gather with family and friends, look back on the past year, and begin to set our intentions for the months to come. If you use this time to elevate your state of consciousness and form a deeper connection to your Higher Self, you can begin to lay the groundwork for immensely gratifying changes to occur.

We all possess the power to create the lives we desire if only we would stop looking outside of ourselves for the answers. It’s much easier to blame the circumstances around us as the driving force in our lives. If you believe that your happiness is dependent upon influences outside of you, it’s only because you’ve decided – whether consciously or not – to surrender your energy to those sources. It’s time to stop believing that you are powerless to affect change in your life!

I’ve been drawn to do many things in my life, such as a long-time desire to author a book. But, somehow I’ve always placed everything else at a higher priority. It’s amazing how easy it is to find reasons that support our need to delay taking action. We always feel that when the time is right, some significant sign will shake us from our slumber and provide the motivation to move us forward. We keep chugging along, saying that “someday” we want to do this or that, never realizing that the power to do whatever we desire exists within us.

Well, I’ve decided not to wait around for the “right moment” any longer. Instead, I’m moving forward, without knowing exactly how it will all fall into place. By making a commitment to myself and taking the first step, I know that the energy will build and the power of intention will propel me through the process. I can’t say precisely what it was that changed within me, but I felt a shift take place.

About a week ago I started setting an early alarm so that I could commit to a morning meditation practice. After each session, I move to the computer and begin to write. At first, I assumed that by extending the length of my day, fatigue would set in, but something amazing happened instead. My energy level has actually accelerated! I’m quickly learning that by pursuing my passions, I’m able to tap into the energy that I never knew existed.

You see, there is no reason to wait for the perfect time or the perfect circumstances. You must, however, do your part in the process of manifestation by always continuing to move forward. Sometimes it can feel like stepping out over open water, as you move into the uncertainty of how it will all come together. However, once you make a commitment and begin to build energy in the direction of your goals, momentum will grow and you’ll be on your way!

So, as you look back at the year 2018, and set your sights on the next chapter in your life, realize that you hold the key to making amazing changes happen. Confidently commit yourself to take action, without having to know all of the “hows” in advance. Feel empowered, being ever so grateful, as you begin to manifest the life of your dreams by taking the first step TODAY.

If you’re feeling stuck and desire to make changes in your life, Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Guidance can help you move forward. I offer free consultations by phone or in person. Happy Holidays!


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