Your Labyrinth Path


Often, I talk about our life path. How we choose before we enter this life, a path of events to learn and evolve our spiritual consciousness. But what is not readily understood is that our life path is like a labyrinth of choices and off-road experiences. There is no direct path to your next level in spiritual awareness. When we are spirit, setting up our trip back into the physical experience there is an assessment of where you are in the wheel of spiritual development. All of us have some sort of karma to work through, but this does not mean negative experiences need to unfold as karma is just a lesson of life. Choices are not always in our control, sometimes experiences happen around us that have a direct effect on our life or something happens directly to us that we need to work through, such as illness or tragedy. As we all know the physical life experience is not a straight smooth road to travel. Why would you choose a difficult path to begin with, why do we need to experience emotional pain and sorrow? A simple but sometimes hard to accept answer; to evolve your soul to a higher level of enlightenment.

Tragic events or situations happen to good people! You say WHY? They are so good and giving, why do they need to feel the tragedy of loss, ill health or victimization.

To answer this statement, you first must understand that the universal mind of God or any other divine power isn’t controlling the good or bad that happens in your life. We are simply here to experience and evolve our soul. You choose your experiences; however, we have a labyrinth of directions to move through in order to find answers and enlightenment.

So where does the universal mind of God play into this then?

We are never separate from God or the higher spiritual consciousness. We must develop our intuitive mind and meditate asking for guidance and wisdom, and most importantly listen to the answers. Doing so will help you from running into dead ends or becoming lost and feeling hopeless. Listening to God and the highest spiritual beings, will help you navigate your labyrinth, which will truly help lead you to the next level of spiritual consciousness with the lease amount of difficulties getting through the maze of your life path.

Therefore, at times it may be wise to consult a psychic who can help guide you by putting a light on your path, helping you through your maze of difficulties. We all get upset, at times some may feel like giving up trying to move through the maze as you run into another dead-end or what may seem like a trap with no way out. Many of my clients are either too distressed to listen to their own intuition or they just don’t trust what they may be receiving and need a bit of confirmation on the direction they are going in. Those that have a good connection with their intuitive mind also like to have confirmation on what they may be receiving.

When I have a client that is having a lot of anxiety, or even panic about a life situation the best advice at this moment is to have them take a deep breath in-then let it out slowly. This exercise is helpful much like in the case of hyperventilating the best advice is to take a deep breath in then let it out or even breath into a bag concentrating on your breathing. Why, because it stops our panic and now you will be calm, so you can think through the situation clearly.

Having the clear connection to your higher self will give you solutions to your stressful situation if only you allow yourself to BREATH. Then as you are calmer you will be more open to receive information from your intuitive mind.

As you strengthen your connection to the higher consciousness the easier you can navigate to your goals setup before entering this Earth life experience.

Learn to meditate, pray, take a deep breath and listen to God and you will hear the answers and be comforted with enlightenment and love.

Wendy Powers Nugent


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