Co-create with Love and Live Your Purpose


The Mother is an archetype within us all. She receives from the Father (Universe, God, Love) and births love. Male or female, you have the capacity to birth new ideas, beauty and love into the world. A human is made to be a distribution point of good, and co-creator with life.

“You can never lose your life…you ARE life.” Eckhart Tolle

As you choose to be a co-creator versus a consumer, you give your gifts of love to everyone you meet and you open, receiving a flow of prosperity coming to you, and through you. Your good is already done, it only requires your openness. You have a choice each day to decide that you are lacking, and must “get” your good, or that you have it all already. As you receive what is eternally being given, you activate channels of prosperity with whomever you meet. You open to what wants to emerge, as you decide to “let” not “get”. When you decide to be a co-creator, you align your heart with the dream waiting to express through you.

If you decide this world has something you must “get” to be happy, then you declare to your own heart that you are currently lacking in the now moment. You begin your day from a deficit. You send a vibration to everyone you meet of grasping and fear. Embrace your innate power of co-creating. Through the Mother Archetype, be available to what the Great Father, Universe or God seeks to express through you.

In the past 10,000 years, our culture has devalued the Mother Archetype. Yet, the Mother energy is the key to manifestation, joy and inner peace. The Mother archetype is: self-love, high-receptivity, nature, body-connection, community, relationships, emotions and food. The vessel God/Love demonstrates through, is just as important as the energy that flows through. Spirit and matter are One.

You are also pure consciousness or energy. This pure consciousness is the archetype of the Father. Your willingness to be in high-receptivity to the Universe/God’s continual blessings takes great courage. Loving yourself and others means you must deny the power of the physical world. Be in the world and not of it, means to align your thoughts with thoughts of love. In fiercely choosing love daily, you will change the conditions of your life.

“What reality you choose…you will be at it’s effect” Course In Miracles

The power of the Mother Archetype includes self-mothering. Self-mothering impregnates you with co-creative powers, and births consciousness or God through you; like a mother who will love her children no matter what. You must choose to love independent of matter. Meaning, no matter the health condition within you, the circumstance, or your past…you will love it. Keep fighting a condition and you will stay in a fight. Accept the condition is there, and then choose to love it. Like the unearthly strength of a mother who has pulled her child out from under a car, you must relentlessly choose to love your perceived inadequacies. What you love transforms, and what you resist persists.

The Father is the vertical line, the Mother the horizontal. We need both. Yes, your personal alignment with God/Universe is fundamental. Albeit, without the inter-dependence of community, relationship, body-awareness and nature…your spiritual growth will become stunted. We need to balance on this planet the vertical with the horizontal. Valuing “individualism over relationships”, “objective over subjective” and “doing over how we are being”, we become too vertical. If you want to co-create love and healing in the world, what you do is just as important as how you do it.

Your desire to co-create can be as strong as procreation (man or woman). The Mother energy within us all can co-create a new world. Love your humanity to realize that you are the hands and feet of the Divine. Vehemently love everyone you meet. Don’t believe hate. It is just the festering wound of unloved fear.

I would be honored to support you on your journey. We have Self-Acceptance Process Certification mentoring programs forming; an open house for Aphrodite Rising Tribe on May 31; and individual healing sessions available. Thank you for having the courage to grow into greater love; be a co-creator and live your purpose. Your actions and words infused with love make a difference; they change lives and shift the paradigm of violence on the planet.


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